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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4615 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4615 Start

When the crowd dispersed, they left behind a cake and a table of snacks.

Jemima’s eyes were red, and she stared at the table full of food, even to the second floor.

Charlie looked at her and asked softly, “Missing mom?”

Jemima came back to her senses and nodded lightly, tears rolled down,

She quickly wiped them away with her hands, and said,

“Whenever the time comes on my birthday, I miss her so much…”

After speaking, she quickly smiled, looked at Charlie, stretched out her hand,

And said in a coquettish tone, “Give me a birthday present. Well, anything will do.”

Charlie said embarrassedly: “What the trouble, I didn’t know that it was your birthday today,”

“And I didn’t prepare anything in advance…”

Jemima smiled: “It doesn’t matter, You can do anything, just give me a coin.”

Charlie thought about it and asked her, “Do you want a traditional pill that cures all diseases?”

Jemima couldn’t help laughing: “No way… … Do you really have traditional Pills?”

Charlie nodded and said seriously: “To tell you the truth,”

“I usually work part-time as a traditional medic,”

“And I always carry a few traditional Pills with me. I will sell one to someone with a good fate.”

Having said that, he took out a wax-sealed Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill from his pocket,”

“Put it in Jemima’s hand, and said very seriously:

“This is the birthday present I give you, and I wish you a happy birthday!”

Charlie said this, paused, and instructed:

“You must put it away, and don’t let others know or see it.”

“Don’t pass it on to others, it’s better to keep it with you,”

“If you are seriously ill or injured in the future, take it out and eat it,”

“It may save your life at a critical moment!”

Seeing that he was speaking so seriously, Jemima thought that he was deliberately teasing her,

So she cooperated and said, “Okay, I see, next time I have a period,”

“And the pain is so painful that I’m about to die, I’ll eat it!”

Charlie hurriedly said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t! If the effect of my powerful pill is a big bowl of rice,”

“And the pain you face is like a hungry ant,”

“You must not take out the large bowl of rice to feed this ant,”

“And you only need to pick out one grain from the bowl, and it will live for a long time.”

After speaking, he added: “If your period is unbearable next time,”

“Just scrape a little powder from it with a blade,”

“And soak it in water, the effect will be immediate.”

Jemima looked at Charlie in surprise, and asked,

“Are you sure you don’t wink at me, Or raise your eyebrows or something?”

“You said something so serious, I’m going to take it seriously.”

Charlie smiled: “It’s alright, you just listen to it.”

Jemima didn’t believe it, but she took it readily as he handed the Heart Saving Pill,

And said with a smile: “Thank you! This is the first birthday present I took the initiative to ask for from the opposite s3x.”

“Although it is a little strange to receive a powerful pill, I am still very grateful. I will treasure it well!”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded and instructed: “You must remember what I said,”

“And review it in your mind several times to ensure that you can recall it in the event of an emergency.”

Jemima nodded again and again, and said seriously, “Don’t worry, I will!”

When the two were eating on the street, the Zhong family was anxious like ants on a hot pot.

Tonight, Henry’s father, Herman Zhong, was going to take Henry,

To the house of Jairo Hong, the head of the Four Dragons sect, for a banquet.