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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4614 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4614 Start

Charlie nodded and said, “Before the age of eight, I was probably the happiest child in the world.”

“I fell from the sky into the mud puddle overnight, and then I crawled,”

“And rolled in the mud puddle all the way, until today. Yes, I am an orphan.”

Jemima exclaimed: “You are so young, you can play a key position in ISU Shipping,”

“Which proves that your personal ability is very strong.”

“Really?” Charlie suddenly scratched his head in embarrassment and smiled.

He laughed as he said: “Haha, it seems like that is the case.”

He couldn’t tell her that he was actually the boss of ISU Shipping with the most shares.

At this time, many middle-aged people walked quickly toward the two with smiles on their faces.

The leader was uncle Nan just now. They saw that he was still holding a big box in his hand,

And they didn’t know what was inside.

When everyone came to the two, Uncle Nan smiled and said, “Miss Liu, happy birthday!”

After that, Uncle Cheng, who was beside him, hurriedly opened the lid of the big box,

Which turned out to be a beautiful birthday cake.

Everyone cheered together and said in unison: “Miss Liu, happy birthday!”

Jemima was stunned and murmured: “Today is not my birthday…”

“My birthday is more than ten days away… Uncle Nan, Uncle Cheng, what is going on?”

Uncle Nan smiled and said, “Miss Liu, today is the fourth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar,”

“And it is your birthday according to the lunar calendar. You may not usually read the lunar calendar,”

“But we old guys usually wake up for the first time every day. One thing we do,”

“It is to look through the old yellow calendar, we can’t remember the days of the Gregorian calendar,”

“But we can remember the days of the lunar calendar very clearly.”

Jemima’s eyes suddenly became wet, and she covered her mouth and said softly: “I don’t know…”

The old man said with a smile: “We were all preparing for this a few days ago,”

“And wanted to give you a little surprise. In the afternoon, we were worried that you would not come today,”

“But I didn’t expect you to bring a male Friends are here.”

Two lines of tears slipped from the corners of Jemima’s eyes.

This time, she didn’t explain any further, but said gratefully, “Thank you, everyone…Thank you…”

Old man Nan and Old Cheng held the cake and sang the Cantonese birthday song:

“Wish you happy and long life”

“And happy birthday”

“Every year has today, every year has this day!”

“Every year has good morning”

“Congratulation, congratulation!”

The people who followed clapped, and Uncle Nan put two candles,

While handing the box of matches into Charlie’s hand, he said with a smile,

“Sir, Miss Liu’s 24th birthday is today, so we have prepared two candles, please help Miss Liu to light them!”

Charlie slightly nodding, inserted two candles, then lighted the candles.

Everyone hurriedly urged her to make a wish and blow out the candle.

Jemima glanced at Charlie, closed her eyes, acquiesced to a wish,

And then blew out the candle in the presence of everyone.

Everyone cheered again, and then everyone served Jemima and Charlie their own special meals and snacks,

Because each serving was very small, Old man Cheng said to them:

“We know Miss Liu doesn’t like to waste, so we prepared a small amount for each portion.”

“If there is not enough to eat, don’t hesitate to speak, and we will prepare it for the two of you!”

Jemima said with red eyes: “Thank you for being so caring, you still remember my birthday…”

The old man smiled and said, “It’s all right, Miss Liu, let me say something lofty for everyone,”

“You are in our eyes, just like our own daughter!”

After that, he hurriedly told everyone:

“Everyone let’s leave, let’s go, don’t disturb Miss Liu’s two-person world!”