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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4612 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4612 Start

Jemima greeted them one by one, and could even call out everyone’s name.

After the greetings, she said to Charlie: “Hong Kong’s economy has been growing rapidly in the past few years,”

“And this kind of place has long been bought and is ready to be redeveloped.”

“At that time, the owner of the street wanted to drive away these vendors.”

“After their lease expired, the rent increased several times overnight.”

Many vendors couldn’t pay the rent, so they started to withdraw, so I went to my dad,”

“And asked him to buy this place and give it to me no matter what.”

“As long as he was willing to buy this place and give it to me,”

“I said, I would allow him to marry that woman and come in.”

After speaking, Jemima spread her hands and said with a smile,

“So I got my wish and became the owner of this street.”

“The stalls and the shops on both sides are all mine! How is it, is it amazing?”

“Awesome.” Charlie asked with a smile, “So after you bought this street,”

“You hired these vendors again. And they came back?”

“Yes.” Jemima nodded and said, “I invited each of them over and promised them that,”

“As long as they are still willing to open files here, I will never increase the rent.”

“Not only that, they operate here, all the water, electricity, cleaning, and maintenance costs are all paid by me.”

“Prices have risen sharply in recent years.”

“The rent they pay every year is actually not enough for the maintenance costs here,”

“And my father’s company has to subsidize a part of it every year.”

Charlie said with a smile, “It seems that your dad treats you well.”

Jemima nodded: “He is very kind to me, because for so many years,”

“He has always wanted to exchange my forgiveness for this all.”

After speaking, her expression Gradually started to get cold, and she said seriously:

“But it was really painful when my mother left. I can still remember every scene,”

“From her illness to her death, so I will never forgive him in my life.”

Seeing Jemima’s eyes widen, seems to have brought back some painful memories, so Charlie asked:

“By the way, Miss Liu, Uncle Nan said that you have never brought boys here,”

“I met you for the first time at your house today? And you brought me here for dinner?”

Jemima pouted: “Don’t be sentimental, I didn’t want to bring you here!”

Charlie hurriedly said: “Didn’t you say that at the dinner table,”

“You want to take me to eat some snacks in the evening.”

Jemima blurted out: “I said so, but I didn’t want to bring you here,”

“The reason why I did this I said, I just wanted you to retreat in spite of the difficulties,”

“But I didn’t expect you to agree with the cheek.”

After speaking, she said: “Besides, there are many snack streets in Hong Kong.”

“Since you agreed, I could find one and send you off.”

Charlie asked inexplicably, “Then why are we here now?”

Jemima was speechless for a while, and her fair face turned ruddy because she was nervous or maybe ashamed.

So, she quickly said stubbornly: “The reason why I brought you here is that,”

“I was worried that the Zhong family would come and seek revenge on you.”

“If they do come, I can cover you a little with so many acquaintances here.”

Charlie pouted: “I don’t believe it, do you think I still need a cover?”

Jemima gave him an angry look and said, “Okay, you are the best!”

“Aren’t you going to Lan Kwai Fong tonight? I’m waiting to see you slaughter the Quartet there!”

Charlie asked with a smile: “Do you really want to see it?”

Jemima puffed up: “Yes! There is a way to ask someone to save you!”

Charlie snapped his fingers and raised his eyebrows:

“Since you want to see it, then I must do what you want!”