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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4609 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4609 Start

Charlie pointed at the other people lying on the ground, and said earnestly,

“Look at them. , which one doesn’t have more broken bones than you?”

“You, the big brother, bring your younger brother out to hang out.”

“What you pay attention to is a righteous word! If your younger brother is injured more than you,”

“How will you move around him in the future? Others will point behind your back. Point and poke your spine!”

After speaking, Charlie touched his chin and said seriously:

“I see, it’s only appropriate for you to break another leg.”

Charlie’s words made the henchman’s mood collapse instantly.

As soon as his legs softened, he knelt on the ground with a thud, crying and begging:

“Big brother… I’m just a little man who is living with Four Dragons,”

“Please consider that I have lost an arm. , show mercy, and let me go…”

Charlie frowned and said, “I really don’t understand you, gang members,”

“You are usually the most ruthless, and you are the most cowardly in trouble, so don’t you think you’re tough?”

Henchman cried and said, “Brother… If you break my leg,”

“I won’t be able to continue messing around in the future…”

Charlie asked him, “You Still thinking of taking care of your injuries,”

“And continuing to be your double-flowered red stick?”

Henchman hurriedly shook his head: “No…I didn’t mean that…”

Charlie sneered: “There is one arm and one left leg if you honestly find a living,”

“It’s enough, otherwise if you come out again, you’ll have to move your head sooner or later.”

After that, Charlie kicked his right knee before he could react. superior.

With the sound of cracking, the henchman rolled on the ground in pain.

Charlie had no sympathy for him, and said coldly:

“I hope you can change your mind and become a new person, otherwise,”

“Next time I will let you taste the taste of high-ranking paraplegia.”

Henchman could only endure the pain and blurt out: “Don’t worry, big brother…”

“I will definitely reform myself…I must be a new person…”

Charlie nodded and said coldly, “You guys just stay here and be honest.”

“At night, it is estimated that the Zhong family will come to you,”

“And if they ask you about Henry’s whereabouts, you should tell them that Henry is taken away by me.”

Henchman said without hesitation: “Okay, brother… I see……”

Jemima asked Charlie with a look of astonishment: “Where are you taking Henry?”

“Going to a nightclub.” Charlie said casually: “We agreed, you forgot?”

“Eat first, then go to a nightclub.”

Jemima blurted out and asked, “What about Henry? Put him in the car?”

“Yes.” Charlie said, “Your trunk is empty, just stuff him in.”

“Ah?!” Jemima said dumbfounded: “You…what the h3ll are you doing…”

Charlie grabbed Henry’s collar, pulled him up, and said:

“You’ll know what I’m going to do at night.”

After that, he asked, “Are you going?”

Jemima was extremely helpless, so she could only bite the bullet and follow.

Returning to the road from the mountain forest, there is still no one around.

Charlie directly opened the Tesla trunk and stuffed the unconscious Henry inside.

Henry is currently in a deep coma, and it is estimated,

That he will not be able to wake up tomorrow without external interference.

After closing the trunk door, Charlie said to Jemima, “You drive, I’m not familiar with it.”

Jemima asked him, “When you came, you said you wanted to drive because you expected them to follow us?”

“Yes .” Charlie nodded slightly.

Jemima asked: “So you deliberately led them here to deal with them?”

“That’s right.” Charlie said lightly: “You don’t need to look at the owner to beat a dog,”

“But you have to choose a suitable place, you can’t do it all at once.”

“These dogs just hugged their heads and ran away, and they couldn’t make a move, let them bark wildly in the downtown area”