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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4607 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4607 Start

Henry was frightened by Charlie for a while and did not dare to speak.

He knew that once the Zhong family and Four Dragons couldn’t hold back Charlie, he would have no cards to use.

Therefore, at this time, he would never dare to touch his bad head again.

However, how could Charlie let him go so easily,

He raised his hand and slapped him again, and asked, “Speak, are you dumb?”

Henry endured the severe pain and sobbed: “I…I was wrong…Please let me go…let me go…”

Charlie made another note, he slapped his face and said coldly:

“I asked the person who was going to do this or that just now, is it you!”

“Say one more nonsense word, and I will tear your mouth to pieces!”

Henry said with tears and howls: ” It’s me…it’s me…”

Charlie nodded and slapped him again, and said coldly,

“Do this, do that, you have a lot of firepower!”

The corners of Henry’s mouth on both sides bleeding with blood, he cried and said,

“It’s all my mouth! Please forgive me”

Charlie slapped him again, and asked with a smile,

“Didn’t you say before, let me kneel down and kowtow to you?”

“Did you not want to slap me a hundred times?”

Henry felt the world spinning, crying and begging:

“I…I was just…all saying nonsense…”

“Just spare me… this time, I will… never… never dare…”

Charlie sneered and slapped him again: “There is no chance to beg for mercy now!”

Seeing that Henry was about to pass out, Jemima couldn’t bear it,

Stepped forward and said, “Charlie, don’t fight anymore, it will cause an accident!”

Charlie Looking at her, he asked curiously, “What happened?”

Jemima blurted out: “It will kill him if you fight like this!”

Charlie smiled and said, “I am doing it measured, the pain is really painful,”

“But he definitely won’t die. If you don’t believe me, look.”

Charlie said, shaking his head. He raised his arm and slapped Henry again.

Henry subconsciously covered his face and cried,

“Elder brother, I was so wrong, Elder brother…don’t hit Elder brother…”

Charlie smiled slightly, and said coldly, “You had that energy just now.”

“Where did it go? Don’t you want to kill me? Why are you begging for mercy again?”

Henry blurted out, “I have no eyes and I accidentally offended you,”

“Please don’t…don’t have the same attitude as me…”

Charlie sneered and said: “You think of begging for mercy at this time? It’s too late!”

After that, Henry received another slap in the face.

Afterward, he looked at Jemima and said with a smile,

“Look, I just said he couldn’t die, right?”

Just after he finished speaking, Henry had already been beaten in a bad way.

He slapped him in the face, and he felt black in front of him. The whole person fainted.

Jemima blurted out, “He…he rolled his eyes…isn’t he dead?”

Charlie waved his hand: “Don’t worry, he can’t die, it’s just a coma.”

Jemima: “Then quickly call the emergency and send him to the hospital…”

Charlie shook his head and said, “I already said that he can’t die,”

“So what kind of emergency call is required here?”

“There is no need to waste medical resources for this kind of person, and I will keep him. It will be useful later.”

Jemima felt that her brain was about to explode, and she said earnestly:

“Charlie… I beg you to listen to me, you beat him so badly,”

“His family will not give up, you don’t know how will you end?! My dad can’t protect you…”

“Your dad?” Charlie smiled, “It’s amazing that he can protect himself.”