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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4606 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4606 Start

Henry took two steps back in fright, shouting to the others,

“Rush to kill him together! I’ll give you ten million!”

Under the heavy reward, there must be a brave man.

Although the others were stunned by Charlie’s performance just now,

They immediately rushed toward him when they heard that Henry offered a bounty of 10 million yuan.

They felt that even if Charlie was very strong,

He would definitely not be able to beat more than ten people at once.

So, as long as they work together, they can get rich overnight!

At this time, the man in front of him jumped and kicked straight into Charlie’s face!

According to his assumption, this kick can definitely kick Charlie to the ground.

As long as the remaining brothers can rush up in time and kick,

And don’t give Charlie a chance to fight back, it is enough to beat him to half death.

He saw that Charlie didn’t retreat or hide, but suddenly stretched out his hand,

And his hands suddenly grabbed his leg and he flew over!

Immediately afterward, he felt that his entire body was instantly stagnant in the air,

And the inertia of rushing over and jumping up seemed to disappear,

Without a trace in an instant, which went against common sense!

Just when he was deadlocked in mid-air, and the whole person didn’t know why,

Charlie looked at him and sneered: “Where’s the dog now!”

After that, Charlie swung his hands hard, and the man directly swung out by Charlie as a half-moon machete!

The rest of the people just wanted to quickly knock Charlie down and kick him,

So they rushed forward and were about to attack, but they thought that the brother,

Who flew out just now would suddenly turn himself into Charlie’s hands’ weapon.

He saw that the man was thrown out by Charlie in a semi-circle,

And directly turned the gang of people who rushed up to their backs.

The huge force smashed them into multiple fractures,

And there was absolutely no chance for them to stand up and resist.

And the one who was thrown out is even more appalling.

The price of one person throwing like a piece is that he has multiple fractures on his body in just an instant.

On the side that was thrown out, his ribs were almost completely broken!

At this time, whether it was Jemima behind Charlie or Henry opposite Charlie,

They were all dumbfounded as if everything in front of them were hallucinations,

And they couldn’t believe their eyes at all.

Henry was stunned.

He never dreamed that more than a dozen people would fight one,

Not only did they have no chance of winning, but they persisted for a total of two rounds.

Charlie looked at Henry at this time, waved at him, and said, “Come on, Master Zhong, let’s talk.”

Henry turned around in fright and was about to run away, but just two steps away, he felt his neck tighten.

The soles of the feet have not stepped on the ground.

Turning his head again, he realized that Charlie had already caught up,

Grabbed the collar around his neck, and lifted himself up.

He said in an instant panic: “Big brother… Forgive your life, big brother!”

“We have something to say, and we have something to say, big brother!”

“Forgive your life?” Charlie snorted coldly, raised his hand, and slapped it hard,

When it was slapped on his face, gold stars appeared in his eyes, and he even lost several of his posterior molars.

Henry was dizzy after being beaten, and he cried vaguely,

“You dare to hit me…you…” Before he finished speaking,

Charlie gave another slap in the face, and said coldly as he asked,

“What’s wrong with me hitting you? You’re not convinced?!”

Henry was furious: “I’m the eldest young master of the Zhong family…I’m…”

“Crack!” Charlie slapped his face hard again, and said coldly,

“The eldest young master of the Zhong family, right? I hit the eldest young master of the Zhong family!”

After a few slaps, Henry’s mouthful of teeth almost fell out.

His entire head was also beaten into a pig’s head, and his eyes were swollen with slits.

He never dreamed that Charlie was so ruthless and didn’t take his identity seriously at all.

Anger, grievance, and unwillingness made him cry while slurring cruel words:

“You…you wait…my dad…and my… ….Godfather…they definitely won’t…definitely won’t let you go!”

Charlie said coldly, “It’s okay, even if they don’t come to me, I will go find them.”

After that, he looked at him, smiled slightly, and asked, “By the way,”

“It seemed that someone was crazy just now. He was going to do this and that in a while, wasn’t it you?”