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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4603 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4603 Start

Charlie’s understatement made Jemima nervous for no reason.

She couldn’t help questioning him: “What do you want to do? What do you have to do in a place with few people?!”

Charlie looked at her and smiled, and said casually,

“Don’t be nervous, about what I want to do, it has nothing to do with you, just watch.”

After that, he kicked the accelerator and drove Jemima’s Tesla out.

As soon as the car left the basement, three different cars quickly followed.

Henry sat in one of the cars, gritted his teeth, and looked at the Tesla driven by Charlie,

And said coldly to the people around him: “Follow that punk! I have to kill him today!”

The young man driving sneered. : “Don’t worry, Young Master Zhong, we will definitely deal with this kid!”

This man’s arms are covered with tattoos, plus his muscles and his face…

Are full of flesh, and he is not a master at first sight.

There was a smile on the corner of Henry’s mouth, and he said coldly:

“This Jemima, if she is still so ignorant, I will just find a chance to deal with her!”

The driver said with a smile: “Master Zhong, what do you want?”

“If you really want her, let your father and your godfather go to Liu’s house to propose marriage immediately,”

“Gerard will never dare to refuse!”

“It makes sense!” Henry nodded again and again and said,

“If she really doesn’t know how to praise me, then shouldn’t blame me for being rude!”

Charlie followed the navigation and drove the car all the way to the urban area of Hong Kong.

During the driving process, he kept looking at the cars behind him through the rearview mirror,

And found that these cars kept coming closer and going away. followed, and then let go.

More than half an hour later, Charlie drove the car to the vicinity of Honghualing,

In the northern mountainous area of Hong Kong.

Afterward, he slowed down a little, intending to find a suitable place to stop and meet his new friends behind.

At this time, Henry was sitting in the car behind, and his expression became more and more ugly.

At this moment, the driver couldn’t help but mutter:

“Danm, this couple of the dog and girls came to the mountains during the daytime.

Could it be that they wanted to act in a dancing car or a field battle!”

Henry’s face became even angrier. He gritted his teeth and scolded:

“I always thought Jemima was a serious woman, but I didn’t expect her to be so boring!”

The driver subconsciously said: “Master Zhong, people say that Jemima is a jade girl in Hong Kong.”

“I think this ‘jade’ should be replaced to make it a desirous girl, which is right!”

Henry said angrily: “If Jemima is really like this,”

“I’ll just fcuk her, it’s absolutely impossible to marry her!”

After speaking, he cursed again: “And that kid from the mainland!”

“If Jemima is really broken by him, I will fcuking kill him!”

At this time, the driver blurted out: “Master Zhong, they have stopped, let’s go around now or wait?”

When Henry saw Charlie stop the Tesla, he said,

“Don’t worry, wait for them to get off, otherwise, if they speed up and try to escape,”

“We may not be able to control them on this kind of mountain road.”

“Stay with them, and there will be a danger, as long as they get out of the car, there is nothing to worry about.”

The driver asked again, “Master Zhong, what if they get into trouble in the car?”

Henry scolded through gritted teeth. : “Fcuk, if the two of them really dare to get into trouble in the car,”

“Just drive them down the mountain!”

At this time, Charlie in the car in front unfastened his seat belt,

Said to Jemima next to him: “Miss Jemima, get off the car.”

“Get off?” Jemima asked in surprise:

“What are you going to do when you bring me to this kind of wilderness?”