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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4602 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4602 Start

Jemima said helplessly: “Please take care of yourself, I heard that you broke up with your new boyfriend again?”

“You have only been dating for a few days this time.” The girl pouted:

“I don’t even want that sgumbag. Mention him! He was with me just because he wanted me to help him with his graduation project.”

“I helped him finish the graduation project, and he broke up with me…”

Jemima sighed and said: “Please keep your eyes open the next time you see a boy.”

The girl glanced at Charlie again and said seriously,

“But then again, Sister Jemima, I really think the man next to you is a good match for you!”

“Stop!” Jemima hurriedly reached out to stop the other party and said,

“You have proven countless times on yourself that your vision is basically equal to nothing,”

“So if you think he is a good match for me,”

“Then there is a high probability that he is not suitable for me at all.”

After speaking, she couldn’t help but give Charlie a blank look.

Charlie smiled slightly at this time, and said to the girl,

“I’m her fiance, and she said it herself.”

When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but exclaim.

The woman looked at Jemima and said meaningfully:

“Sister Jemima… I didn’t expect you to lie to us!”

Jemima said helplessly: “Don’t listen to his nonsense, this kind of boy is not mine at all.”

After speaking, she looked at everyone and said,

“Everyone should get down to business first, don’t gossip!”

Immediately, she opened the cardboard box she brought, took out a few personal items from it,

And introduced to the people around her: “I eliminated this laptop at the beginning of the year.”

“I checked second-hand websites, and most of them are in the 4,000 mark.”

“About 3,000 yuan, I listed the price at 3,000, and it should be easy to sell.”

“And this game console, when I bought it, it was more than 2,000 HKD, and I listed the price at 1,002…”

I will keep the situation of personal items simple for everyone.”

After the introduction, Jemima said to everyone: “You have worked hard, everyone,”

“I still have something to do, so I won’t be here to accompany you.”

After speaking, she hurriedly said to Charlie, “Let’s go!”

Charlie smiled: “You’re going to leave as soon as you arrive?”

“I think this kind of charity sale is quite interesting.”

“I happen to have a few Pills in my pocket. Would you like to use them to support the scene?”

Jemima looked at Charlie helplessly, and said seriously:

“It’s illegal to sell such Pills in Hong Kong…”

“Besides, if we don’t leave, we will definitely be in trouble…”

Charlie looked at a few sneaky men in the distance, said with a smile,

“Okay! Let’s go after listening to people’s advice to have a full meal.”

Seeing that Charlie finally met and agreed to her, Jemima was relieved,

And quickly said goodbye to everyone and took Charlie back to the parking lot.

What she is most worried about now is that Henry finds someone to take revenge on Charlie.

If more than a dozen people really come to block Charlie, she will have no way to save him.

When the two came to the parking lot, Jemima subconsciously wanted to go to the driver’s seat,

But Charlie suddenly stopped her and said, “Miss Jemima, if you don’t mind, let me drive.”

“You can drive?” Jemima asked, “Are you interested in Hong Kong? I’m not familiar with the island,”

“And Hong Kong is a right-hand drive region, and the driving direction is opposite to that of the mainland, can you get used to it?”

Charlie smiled: “As long as the steering wheel is not reversed and I have to step under your feet, I can drive it. .”

Jemima shrugged and said, “Then you can drive.”

After Charlie got into the car, he did not rush to drive away, but took out his mobile phone,

Opened the map and studied it for a while.

It wasn’t until he saw the sneaky faces getting into different cars that he said to Jemima:

“I think Honghualing is a good place, let’s go there for a walk.”

“Honghualing ?!” Jemima said dumbfounded: “It’s all in the northernmost part of Hong Kong,”

“It’s far away, and it’s in the mountains, so what are you going to do there?”

Charlie smiled and said, “For some things, you can do it only in a place with fewer people!”