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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4601 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4601 Start

Hearing Jemima’s question, Charlie smiled slightly and said,

“I can’t tell you this, for now, let’s keep it a little mysterious.”

Jemima couldn’t help frowning and asked him:

“Then have you ever thought about what would you do if Henry were to target you?”

“You are invincible with two fists in Hong Kong, how can you beat Four Dragons?”

Charlie raised his eyebrows and said with a smile:

“You look down on me too much. Two fists can’t beat four hands?”

“Add a zero, and I don’t even care about forty.”

Jemima thought that Charlie was running the train with his mouth full again.

She has been schizophrenic by him, so she can only shake her head helplessly: “You really convinced me!”

After that, she could only walk out of the parking lot with him.

The two walked out of the garage and went to the most crowded shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui.

In addition to the crowded passenger flow, there are also many salesmen,

Specializing in promotion and sales, as well as many commodity exhibition areas.

In the best part of the square, there are a number of neat booths,

These booths are hung with the logo of Hong Kong University,

And many students in school uniforms are busy in front of the booths.

Jemima, who was in a complicated mood, took Charlie straight to these booths,

And this was the venue for her and her classmates to do charity bazaars.

Seeing Jemima coming over, many students were very surprised, and many people gathered around to say hello to her.

One of the boys wearing glasses hurried forward and asked, “Sister Jemima, why are you here today?”

Jemima smiled slightly and replied, “I have something to do here in the afternoon, so I stopped by.”

Then Jemima asked him, “How are the sales today?”

“It’s not very good.” The boy said a little decadently:

“We have sold about 30,000 HKD since 8:00 in the morning. I thought it could be around 50,000.”

Jemima encouraged: “It doesn’t matter, more than 30,000 is already a lot of money, and it is worth encouraging.”

Allen sighed: “Sister Jemima, you have donated tens of millions by yourself,”

“So many of us are busy, and we only have this in total. I’m really ashamed to have this little money…”

Jemima was busy: “Arun, don’t say that, charity is not about giving more money than anyone,”

“But to let as many people as possible do what they can.”

“The money I donated is not my own, it’s just a generosity to others, and I can only do my little like you do.”

After saying that, she took the cardboard box from Charlie and handed it to the other person.

Then she said, “Allen, these are some personal things I have left unused.”

“I have marked the selling price. According to the label price, the total is more than 20,000 HKD.”

Immediately, Jemima spread her hands and said again:

“Look, I’m not very rich myself, and there are only so many things I can take out,”

“So don’t feel ashamed because you take out a few things,”

“Even if you can’t take out anything, you could volunteer for Charity is also very worthy of recognition!”

“So, please work hard, we will sell all the things we have raised as soon as possible.”

“In addition, I have called on other students in the school to donate as much as possible.”

“Some useless personal idle items, when accumulated, will definitely be able to do a lot of good deeds.”

Encouraged by Jemima, everyone cheered, and each one was full of energy.

At this time, a girl who looked gentle looked at Charlie and asked,

“Sister Jemima, who is this handsome guy? You haven’t introduced him to us yet.”

Jemima looked at Charlie and said to everyone: “This is Mr. Wade, a guest of my family.”

“Guest?” The girl said meaningfully: “Sister Jemima, isn’t this the fiance your family arranged for you?”

“How could it be…” Jemima heard the words “fiancé” and felt that her mentality was about to collapse in an instant,

So she said without hesitation: “Don’t gossip here, Mr. Wade is my father’s friend and just came here.”

“He wants to talk about something with my father in Hong Kong.”

“Because he hasn’t been to Hong Kong for many years, I temporarily serve as his guide and show him around.”

“That’s it.” The girl said regretfully, “Sister Jemima,”

“In fact, this handsome guy is a good match for you! You can actually think about it!”

“I have known you for so long, and I have never seen you date and procrastinate.”

“Everyone is still looking forward to seeing who you are going to be with before graduation!”