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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4600 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4600 Start

After speaking, Joseph said again: “By the way, Four Dragons is very interested in Hogan’s secret head bounty this time.”

“The legal system of Hong Kong has been getting better and better these years.”

“He is also more serious, and there are many younger men under him,”

“The expenses are huge, and the overall financial situation is relatively tight.”

Charlie asked him: “Four Dragons is so poor, doesn’t Herman usually help?”

“Helps.” Joseph said: ” If Herman didn’t help, Four Dragons would have started laying off staff long ago.”

“Herman had a lot of help when he made his fortune in Four Dragons,”

“So Four Dragons also relied on this point and kept reaching out to him.”

“Later, when Herman grew up, he also wanted to leave some ties with Four Dragons.”

“So he helped Four Dragons start its transformation. Four Dragons now have four main income channels,”

“One is to open pawn shops, one is to open nightclubs and bars,”

“One is to smuggle frozen meat, and the other is underground casinos,”

“In addition to casinos, the first three businesses were all started by Herman.”

Charlie hummed and said, “Which is the biggest nightclub under Four Dragons?”

Joseph replied, “It’s called Inspur Club, in Lan Kwai Fong.”

“Hmmm”…” Charlie whispered softly and said with a smile, “Okay, I see.”

He hung up the phone and said to Jemima beside him,

“Miss Jemima, why don’t we do this, let’s eat at night. After dinner, take me to a nightclub.”

Jemima’s head was about to explode, she subconsciously asked,

“Charlie, you asked about Four Dragons’ nightclub on the phone just now, shouldn’t you be going?”

Yes.” Charlie smiled slightly: “Go and experience the famous nightlife in Hong Kong.”

Jemima blurted out: “Then you can’t go to Four Dragons’ nightclub by name!”

“You just offended Henry. It’s very dangerous there!”

Charlie laughed: “The danger is for sure, but who is the danger, in the end, we have to look at this.”

Seeing Charlie’s playful and understated look,

Jemima was very concerned about his arrival road, she is now more confused.

From Charlie’s phone call just now, she can conclude that he is by no means so reckless as he seems,

And he may have already investigated the various forces in Hong Kong clearly, and he is confident.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but ask him: “Who the h3ll are you?”

“Me?” Charlie smiled and said, “I should be someone who no one can afford to offend in Hong Kong.”

Jemima couldn’t help frowning, and she became cautious and asked Charlie:

“What are you doing in Hong Kong this time?”

Charlie raised his eyebrows and said calmly, “I will preside over a justice.”

Jemima was surprised for a while, she really couldn’t figure out Charlie’s routine,

This person’s words are true and false, and it is difficult to see through his character.

It was only two hours after they met, but her impression of him changed several times.

At first, she felt that he seemed to be quite humorous,

And he also had a certain degree of control in his speech,

And he could handle it with ease in front of her father.

When she met Henry, she felt that Charlie seemed to be missing a bit of shrewdness,

And he was somewhat reckless, not knowing how to judge the situation.

Moreover, the act of taking the initiative to grab her hand,

In her opinion at the time, was a bit abrupt.

Then, Charlie’s attitude of refusing to leave Hong Kong made her feel that,

This person was completely ignorant of the dangers in the world,

And she had already said this, but he was still unmoved, he was simply fearless.

But until now, she felt that her previous views about him seemed wrong.

Charlie is indeed fearless, but fearlessness is not because of ignorance,

On the contrary, because he already knows himself and his opponent.

Thinking of this, she looked at him and couldn’t help but ask,

“Then…then can you tell me what justice you came to Hong Kong for?”

“What justice?”