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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 460 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 460 Start

Driving this way, twenty or thirty kilometers, the smell in this car is comparable to a septic tank, and for several others, it is simply a torture like a purgatory on earth.

Just got out of the car and was helping Wu Qi to walk into the hospital. At this time, Wu Qi suddenly felt something wrong…

He felt dizzy and headache in his head, so he looked at the people around him desperately, and cried and said: “It’s over…that feeling will come again…after a while if I lose again Reason, you must hold me back!”

Several people had lingering fears, but they nodded subconsciously.

What they thought in hearts is that if they pull him, he will definitely try to pull them, but if he succeeds, it’s really bad…

Immediately afterwards, Wu Qi suddenly changed his face and shouted hysterically: “Where is the toilet?! Where is the toilet?!”

Everyone looked at each other, desperate in their hearts…

It really started again!

How to do? !

The head teacher yelled: “Push him there! Don’t let go this time!”

So everyone hurriedly hugged him, put him down on the ground, and then pressed his limbs tightly. The head teacher said, “You wait, I’ll call the doctor to help!”

Three people pressed Wu Qi desperately, but Wu Qi had been struggling desperately. One of them couldn’t help but say: “Oh f*ck, I can’t hold him anymore, what should I do!”

“If you can’t hold it, you have to press it!” Another said, “Wait when I pull off the belt and tie up his legs!”

“It’s a good way!”

At this moment, Wu Qi was crushed to the ground, his eyes were red, and he blurted out and shouted: “Let go of me! You guys, let me go!”

People passing by the psychiatric hospital are not used to this. Everyone is too lazy to take a look. After all, there are often such hysterical patients here.

At this time, a retired Old Master living in the back family yard led a huge husky to the front, the husky smelled everywhere, and then squatted down in a circle.

Seeing this, the roommate in Wu Qi’s bedroom yelled at the Old Master: “Hurry up and take your dog away! Don’t let him pull it here!”

The Old Master glared at him and said, “Can you control it?”

The roommate was anxious, and blurted out: “You dead Old Master, if you don’t get rid of your dead dog, something big will happen!”

The Old Master snorted coldly and said, “I have been keeping this dog for six years. Even if it is pulled on my bed, I will let it pull it comfortably. Then I clean it up again, and I am not willing to let it be wronged. Who do you think you are?”

“You…” The roommate was speechless.

At this time, the husky had already worked hard, pulled out a few times, and pulled out a lot of hot sh!t.

Wu Qi was even crazy when he saw this scene!

It seemed that he was given a stimulant in an instant, and his body’s strength exploded several times in an instant. He bowed fiercely, and knocked all the three people on his body to the ground!

The three of them fell on all sides, and before they had time to cry out, the fourth child collapsed and shouted: “f*ck, stop the boss!”

As the three of them said, they went crazy to catch up.

But, how can they have such crazy Wu Qi fast!

Wu Qi rushed to the Husky in an instant, toward the big pile of sh!t on the ground, instantly like a vicious dog rushing for food, opened his mouth and rushed up!

The Old Master was shocked by the scene of subverting the three views, jumping half a meter high, and trembling: “You…you…how many days have you been hungry?!”