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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4599 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4599 Start

Jemima almost collapsed at this time.

Now she is powerless to care about being held by Charlie, she just wants to get herself out of trouble and solve it quickly.

Pulling other men to do things like shields, which she has seen many times on TV, but she had never done it herself.

Just as Charlie made a joke just now, she couldn’t help but think of a prank.

But she really didn’t expect that he could turn things into such an out-of-control situation step by step.

This also made her feel scared for the first time because she was joking,

And even her voice was a little choked up, and she begged:

“Charlie, I beg you, leave Hong Kong first, and you can come back later,

But if you don’t leave today, it will be very troublesome!”

Charlie saw that her eyes were flushed, and she was about to cry, so he stopped,

Let go of the hand that was holding her, and said seriously,

“Miss Liu, you don’t have to worry about me, I’ll tell you the truth,”

“I came to Hong Kong this time just to find trouble!”

He said indifferently, ignoring Jemima’s surprised eyes,

“I came to Hong Kong, someone provokes me, I want to deal with him;”

“If no one provokes me, I will find a group of people to come out and play a game!”

“If that Henry has nothing to do with Four Dragons, then I may not be too lazy to know him in general,”

“But since he has a close relationship with Four Dragons Shen, even if he doesn’t provoke me today,”

“Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, I may come to the door and clear Four Dragons!”

“Are you crazy?!” Jemima was stunned and blurted out:

“You If you don’t talk about good business, what do you do when you come to Four Dragons?!”

“Do you know what Four Dragons is? In Hong Kong, no matter how rich the richest man is,”

“He doesn’t dare to fight against Four Dragons, they will kill people!”

Charlie naturally couldn’t tell Jemima that he had read the information given by Joseph,

Before getting off the plane. This time, there were many forces in Hong Kong.

Who wanted to kill Hogan and take 30 million, and the name of Four Dragons was listed in it.

Therefore, before Hogan is sent back, he had to touch Four Dragons himself,

So he smiled and said to Jemima, “It’s alright, I like to seek excitement.”

After that, he intentionally ended the topic,

He dragged the cardboard box in his arms and asked her,

“Aren’t you going to deliver something? Let’s go?”

Jemima was helpless, sighed, and said, “I’ll call my dad to see if he can find a solution.”

Charlie frowned, turned around, walked out, and said,

“If you tell your dad about this, then I won’t go back to your house at night,”

“And I’ll ask about Four Dragons when I go out.”

“Where is the old nest of theirs, go and talk to them directly.”

“You…” Jemima was speechless, she had been completely broken down by Charlie’s indifferent attitude,

So she could only grit her teeth and said,

“Okay, since you don’t want to go, from now on, I will follow you wherever you go!”

“Okay.” Charlie agreed casually, and said, “Anyway, you are my guide, so just follow.

Jemima was speechless, she could only sigh, ran two steps to keep up with him,

And said, “Then we won’t eat out tonight, we will go home early.”

No.” Charlie waved his hand: “If you want to go back home,”

“I really want to experience the nightlife in Hong Kong.”

Jemima reluctantly said: “Okay, okay… I’ll be with you…”

Charlie nodded, took out his mobile phone, and called Joseph.

As soon as the call was made, Joseph said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, what are your orders?”

Charlie glanced at Jemima and asked, “Have you investigated Henry Zhong before?”

“Master I have investigated,” Joseph said:

“Henry is the eldest son of Herman Zhong, the richest man in Hong Kong.”

“Herman’s assets can make it into the top five even the top three in Hong Kong,”

“But he has a deep relationship with Four Dragons.”

“Four Dragons is now a big player. The head of the family is his adoptive father.”