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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4598 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4598 Start

Henry also heard the conversation between the two, and shouted coldly:

“Boy, you fcuking provoked me and now want to run away.”

“Let me tell you if you don’t kneel in front of me and kowtow three times,”

“And slap yourself a hundred times in this matter today, I, Henry Zhong, will never let you go!”

Charlie raised his eyes and looked at him, asked suspiciously, “Are you kidding me?”

“Just kidding?” Henry thought that Charlie was afraid, and said angrily:

“What the hell are you thinking, I will joke with you like this?!”

Seeing Henry’s fierce appearance, Jemima couldn’t help realizing that he seemed to be playing a big game,

So she didn’t care about Charlie holding her hand, and quickly pulled him aside and whispered,

“This guy is very bad. If you mess with him, you should apologize to him,”

“And not fight for this matter, otherwise, I’m afraid my dad won’t be able to protect you…”

Charlie couldn’t help smacking his lips, put away his playful expression, and said,

“Let me, apologize to a bedbug, if this spreads out,”

“What will my fathers and fellow villagers think of me in the future?”

“How will the big yellow dog at the head of the village think of me?”

“After that, he turned his face, looked at Henry in the car, put away the joking expression, and said seriously:

“Boy, according to my previous temper, I will just say a few words to you just now,”

“I will definitely call my royal body calligrapher, slap you 10,000 in the face first,”

“And then put some calligraphy on your forehead, but you are lucky,”

“I came to Hong Kong this time, not to waste my time on fish and shrimp-like you,”

“So from now on, don’t let me see your face again, otherwise,”

“I’ll turn you, the four dragons in Hong Kong, into a worm in Hong Kong!”

Jemima was surprised to hear that, when she wanted to stop Charlie, it was already late.

Henry was instantly furious at Charlie’s anger, and pointed at him and said coldly:

“You are really courting death! Do you know that no one in Hong Kong dares to talk to me like this!”

Charlie was too lazy to pay attention to him, and said lightly:

“Remember what I said, avoid my sight, or you will be finished if you see me again.”

After that, he took Jemima’s hand, turned around, and walked towards the exit of the parking lot.

Henry didn’t catch up, but while looking at Charlie’s back through the rearview mirror,

He gritted his teeth and took out his mobile phone and made a call.

At this time, Jemima, who was dragged away by Charlie, stomped her feet in a hurry and blurted out,

“Mr. Wade, why do you have to compete with that person!”

Charlie asked her back: “Isn’t this what you want? Do you not want to let me be your shield,”

“Then I will do what you want, how about it, are you satisfied with the effect?”

Jemima blurted out: “I asked you to be my shield, but I didn’t expect you to speak harshly to him.”

“You don’t need to say anything, just leave with me, there’s no need to provoke him at all!”

“This man will have a grudge! He will definitely trouble you!”

She suddenly stopped and grabbed Charlie’s hand. As he was about to go back, she said eagerly,

“No! You hurry back with me, and I will ask my dad to arrange for someone to take you off Hong Kong immediately!”

“No need.” Charlie pulled her with a little force, then dragged her out,

And said indifferently, “Apologizing is not my style, let alone running away,”

“The mere four dragons in Hong Kong are not enough for me.”

“I can stick them in my teeth if all the four little dragons were here,”

“I would fry them and could serve them as a dish.”

“You…” Jemima stomped her feet anxiously as she was dragged away by Charlie,

And her feet slipped. she blurted out: “Mr. Wade! This is not the time for you to say harsh words,”

“They will kill you if you don’t stop now! It’s all my fault,”

“I’m begging you, okay? You come with me first!”

“If you still want to talk to my dad about cooperation,”

“Then simply let my dad come to the mainland to find you, okay?”

“No.” Charlie said lightly: “You promised your dad to take me around,”

“And you also promised your dad, you are going to take me to taste the authentic Hong Kong snacks in the evening,”

“You have to fulfill these promises first, and then tell me about other things~~~”