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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4597 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4597 Start

Jemima couldn’t hold back her smile, and said, “You know it!”

At this moment, Charlie put one arm under the cardboard box, walked to Jemima,

And took advantage of her unpreparedness. He reached out and grabbed her other hand and held it tightly,

His eyes and tone were firm and he said, “Dear, please believe me,”

“From now on, I will do my best to protect you, Never let you get hurt!”

Jemima was caught by Charlie’s little hand, and the first reaction was like being electrocuted,

Wanting to break free, Charlie’s grasp was strong, and Jemima couldn’t pull it out at all.

Moreover, she didn’t dare to blatantly forcefully pump.

Because in that case, she is afraid that Henry will see through the trick between the two at once,

And then he will really come back stronger.

So, she could only suppress the anger in her heart and said to Charlie, “You’d better do what you say!”

After speaking, she said to him, “Let’s go!”

Henry’s face was ashen, and he blurted out: “Jemima! Who is this guy?!”

Jemima was still holding hands with Charlie, feeling very irritable, so she said angrily,

“Didn’t you hear what I said just now? He is my fiancé!

“How is that possible!” Henry said angrily as if his tail had been stomped on:

“My dad had dinner with Uncle Liu only last week, and Uncle Liu said he was in favor of me being with you,”

“And he also said that we can develop a relationship.”

“I hope I can work harder, it’s only been a week, how come you have a fiancé?!”

Jemima pointed to the right hand held by Charlie, and said with a serious expression:

“You also know that I don’t post updates on social media. If he isn’t my fiancé,”

“How could I have let you hold my hand? You should have slapped him a long time ago!”

Charlie knew that Jemima was talking about him, so he sternly confronted Henry and shouted:

“What do you mean? Do you want to pick up my fiancée? If you dare to pester her again,”

“Be careful that I will slap you to death!”

After speaking, he turned to Jemima and asked seriously, “Dear, I am like this! Am I a man enough?”

Jemima wanted to die in depression, but she could only bite the bullet and say,

“Enough is enough… You’ve changed so fast all of a sudden, I’m a little uncomfortable…”

Henry was in a hurry at this time. Pointing at Charlie, he scolded:

“What the hell are you doing? Dare to talk to me like that?”

“Haven’t you heard of the Four Dragons in Hong Kong?!”

Charlie shook his head, and said blankly:

“What are the four dragons in Hong Kong? I came from the mainland, and I have never heard of it.”

“You lost it!” Henry gritted his teeth: “You haven’t even heard of the Four Dragons in Hong Kong.”

“If you do, you dare to pretend to be in front of me,”

“Believe it or not, I will let you go this time!”

Charlie quickly asked Jemima with a look of panic:

“Dear, who are the four little dragons in Hong Kong? Are they big?”

Jemima’s hand was held by Charlie all the time, feeling very depressed,

And said with a look of hopelessness: “The background… the background is quite big,”

“His father is one of the top five in Hong Kong by strength.”

“And he has a deep relationship with the famous Hongmen, he belongs to the kind that can do anything.”

Charlie asked in surprise: “Ah? What should I do? Can my future father-in-law help me settle it?”

Jemima shook her head: “My dad can talk to Hongmen, so it should be settled.”

After speaking, she saw that Charlie seemed to be really scared, so she said,

“But if you are scared, just say it, I Let my dad arrange for you to run away,”

“You can leave Hong Kong, they shouldn’t do anything to you.”