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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4596 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4596 Start

Jemima continued: “After the valuables, you mentioned come in,”

“It will dampen the enthusiasm of ordinary people to participate in charity, so there is no need.”

Henry hurriedly said: “Jemima, if you think it’s not suitable,”

“Then I can donate money, how about 10 million HKD?”

Jemima said: “Donation is not a problem, our charity foundation has opened a notarized account,”

“You can send money directly to the account, and you can also make a note to be an anonymous donor.”

“Or real-name donation, if it is an anonymous donation, we will write the enthusiastic citizen,”

“If it is a donation in real name, we will write your name on it.”

After speaking, Jemima said again: “But since Mr. Zhong doesn’t like to be too active and deliberate,”

“Then I think it is more appropriate for you to choose the anonymous donations option`.”

Henry’s expression suddenly became ugly.

He originally wanted to take advantage of Jemima’s absence today and hurry to show it first.

As soon as a few precious watches are taken out, it is estimated that the volunteers here will definitely be in an uproar.

While admiring him, they will definitely contact Jemima as soon as possible,

And then he will be able to passively pretend to be in front of Jemima.

When he suddenly bumped into Jemima just now, he felt that God was helping him,

And this was just a good way to put on a wave without showing any signs.

But unexpectedly, Jemima didn’t appreciate him.

Even with a few words, she dug a hole for him.

Now that it is difficult for him to ride a tiger,

If he doesn’t want to lose face, he can only honestly cash in the donation of 10 million HKD,

And according to Jemima, it must be an anonymous donation.

Seeing his embarrassed expression, Jemima said indifferently,

“It doesn’t matter if Mr. Zhong goes back on his words, just treat it as if you didn’t say it.”

Upon hearing this, Henry blurted out without thinking,

“No! Absolutely not! How could I go back on it?”

“Isn’t it just 10 million HKD? I’ll transfer the money right away!”

After saying that, he picked up the phone.

Jemima nodded: “Then turn around slowly, I have something else to do, so I’ll go first.”

Then, seeing Charlie’s delay in showing up,

She turned around and glanced at the back of the car: “Mr. Wade?”

Charlie was at this time Leaning his head out, he joked with a smile:

“Oh, I won’t delay the two of you, right?”

“You can continue, just pretend I don’t exist, and I’m not in a hurry.”

Jemima knew that Charlie was making fun of her, so she complained a little and said,

“Mr. Wade, you are the fiance my father arranged for me.”

“What do you mean by hiding behind the car at this time? Are you not a man?”

When Charlie heard this, he couldn’t help but cracked his mouth and smile.

He somewhat admired her.

One is that he admires how fast this girl turns her head;

The other is that he admires that she doesn’t wait to have revenge and will give it on the spot.

He was just making fun of her, he didn’t expect her to turn her face and use him as a shield,

And by the way, she also damaged him, and it was indeed something.

However, Jemima underestimated Charlie.

She doesn’t hold grudges overnight, and neither does Charlie.

So, Charlie said with a look of shame: “I’m sorry, Jemima, it’s my fault.”

“If I encounter such troublemakers in the future,”

“I will definitely stand in front of you as soon as possible.”

Jemima nodded with satisfaction and spoke:

“In the future, when you stay with me, you must not be so girly,”

“You must be tougher and more manly! Otherwise, how can you give me a sense of security?”

“You are right.” Charlie said seriously: “My previous personality… is really too timid.”