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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4595 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4595 Start

Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the most prosperous commercial centers in Hong Kong and a shopping paradise.

According to Jemima, she and her classmates have been raising funds,

For a charity sale in the central area of Tsim Sha Tsui Commercial Street these days.

According to everyone’s original division of labor, she was going to come back tomorrow,

But she was called home from school by her father at noon,

And she agreed to take Charlie around in the afternoon,

So she simply brought the things that she had prepared for the charity sale with her as she was coming here, by the way.

Moreover, she really didn’t know where to take Charlie.

She spent most of her time at home and school. Apart from doing some charity,

She didn’t have any entertainment activities on weekdays,

So her father asked her to give Charlie a company as a tour guide,

So she simply went about her own business and took Charlie along.

Charlie came with his parents several times when he was young.

He felt that because of the small area of Hong Kong,

There were many people, and cars, and most of the streets were narrow and cramped,

So he was not interested in the wandering around Hong Kong,

So he planned to follow Jemima and walked around to have a look in general.

Jemima drove the car into the parking lot of a shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui,

And then got out of the car with Charlie.

Charlie went to the back of the car, opened the trunk, and helped Jemima get her personal belongings.

At this time, an all-black Rolls-Royce Cullinan parked in front of Jemima Tesla’s car,

The cab window was lowered, and a boy in a suit and leather shoes with neatly combed hair said in surprise:

“Jemima, weren’t you coming over tomorrow? Why are you here now?”

Jemima frowned slightly and asked him, “What are you doing here?”

The other party smiled and said, “I didn’t hear that your Hong Kong University is holding a charity sale,”

“So I thought about it. I came here to support you, I heard that you are coming tomorrow,”

“I didn’t want to be too deliberate, so I came early today, I didn’t expect you to be early too, it’s so fateful!”

Jemima asked again: “How do you know that I’m coming tomorrow?”

The young man known as Henry Zhong smiled and said:

“I happened to pass by here at noon and saw the school badge and volunteers of your University,”

“So I went over to ask, and I found out that it was a charity sale organized by you,”

“So I asked. When are you coming over? They told me that you are coming tomorrow.”

“You know me. I don’t like being active, so I thought about going home,”

“And getting a few watches and donating them before you came. It’s such a coincidence to meet you here.”

He said flatteringly, “Oh, by the way, Jemima, in order to support your University Charity Sale,

“I brought a few Patek Philippe and Rolex watches to support you,”

“And there are two parrots. The total price is almost four million.”

Jemima said with a cold expression: “I’m sorry, Mr. Zhong, we are all selling small personal items for charity here,”

“And the maximum unit price does not exceed 10,000 HKD.”

“These things of yours are too expensive, and it is difficult to sell them on such occasions, thank you for your kindness.”

Henry waved his hand: “It doesn’t matter, although it is a watch worth more than four million,”

“It can be priced at three million. Well, the price is good, I believe it will be sold out soon.”

After saying that, he deliberately winked at her and said with a smile:

“I’m here to cheer you up, the famous Jemima organized the charity sale,”

“If there are not many pieces. Valuable commodities are really unreasonable, am I right?”

Jemima shook her head and said lightly: “Thank you for your kindness,”

“But the reason why I organized a charity sale is to make charity work more grounded and lower the threshold.”

“At the lowest level, so that more people can participate,”