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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4593 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4593 Start

Gerard saw that Charlie seemed to have a love for his daughter, and he was finally relieved.

The fish has already spoken, and the rest depends on when he bites the hook.

Satisfied, Gerard said, “Mr. Wade, I have something to do with the group in the afternoon,”

“So I won’t accompany you. Let Jemima be with you and have a good time in Hong Kong.”

Charlie nodded and said casually: “Mr. Liu, feel free to do anything,”

“As long as I have Miss Jemima to accompany me.”

Gerard nodded with satisfaction and instructed his daughter:

“Jemima, please help me entertain Mr. Wade.”

Jemima was also unequivocal and asked directly said:

“When will you arrange the 50 million donations you promised?”

Gerard said casually: “As long as you are obedient, within three days,”

“I will have the finance transfer the money to your foundation’s account.”

Jemima while nodding said: “Mr. Wade is here to testify, you must speak your mind.”

“That’s natural!” Gerard said with a serious look:

“You old bean, it has been so many years, when have I never followed my words?”

When Charlie heard this, he suddenly felt a little disgusted in his heart.

He didn’t know how many times Gerard broke his word in his life,

But he knew that after his father died, Gerard broke his promise to his father.

It’s just that Jemima didn’t know this. When she heard Gerard say this,

She felt relieved and said, “That’s good!”

Charlie looked at Gerard and wanted to ask him if he still remembered Changying Wade,

And whether he still remembered the words. The agreement between him and that man.

But thinking about it carefully, if he asks this question now,

Gerard must have a hint that he came to Hong Kong this time for Hogan and not to discuss cooperation with him.

Even, it is very likely that he thinks of his father because of this,

Combined with his surname Wade, combined with his resemblance to his father, can deduce his identity.

Thinking of this, Charlie temporarily suppressed this urge.

He flew more than 10,000 kilometers to Hong Kong,

And he couldn’t reveal his identity so easily, it would be no fun.

So, he looked at Jemima and said with a smile,

“Miss Liu, since the meal, is finished, why don’t we go first?”

Jemima nodded and said, “Okay, then let’s go.”

Charlie stood up and said to Gerard and Bella,

“Mr. Liu, Mrs. Liu, thank you for your hospitality, and Miss Liu and I will go out for a walk.”

Gerard said with a smile, “Okay, then Mr. Wade have a good time first,”

“Let’s have a talk about business tomorrow.”

Charlie and Jemima came out of the restaurant side by side, Jemima said to Charlie,

“Mr. Wade, please wait a moment, I’ll go upstairs to get something.”

Charlie asked her, “Miss Jemima, you need my help with anything?”

“No need.” Jemima said casually: “It’s just some personal belongings,”

“Please wait for me here for a while, and I’ll come down immediately.”

Charlie nodded: “Okay.”

Jemima took the elevator upstairs, After a while,

She walked out of the elevator holding a cardboard box.

Charlie took the initiative to step forward and said, “Miss Jemima, let me get it for you.”

Jemima nodded slightly: “Thank you, Mr. Wade.”

Charlie took the box and hugged it, and went out of the villa with her.

In the yard, Jemima walked straight toward a normal version of the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla’s cheapest entry-level sedan looks out of place in a yard full of Rolls-Royces and Maybachs.