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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4591 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4591 Start

Charlie smiled slightly: “Miss Liu, to tell you the truth, I have received professional training.”

“Yes, under normal circumstances, I won’t laugh.” After speaking, Charlie couldn’t help laughing:

“Under normal circumstances, I won’t laugh, unless I can’t help it! Hahahaha!”

Charlie suddenly laughed, causing both Gerard and Bella to be shocked and angry at the same time.

Only then did they understand that the reason why Charlie kept mentioning,

The topic of roast goose was not because he missed the taste as he said,

But because he had been deliberately teasing them all the time!

However, Jemima was not surprised at all, but was amused by Charlie’s sudden sharp turn,

And the two facing each other tacitly laughed together.

Gerard’s face became more and more ugly with the laughter of the two.

After a while, he slammed the table, looked at Charlie, and shouted angrily:

“Mr. Wade, from the moment we met, I treated you with courtesy and treated you as a guest,”

“But why did you do this? Deliberately humiliating me?!”

Charlie was not nervous at all, and smiled lightly:

“Humiliating you? Mr. Liu, what do you mean?”

“Although this is your home, you can’t even make me laugh. Right?”

Gerard said with a red face: “I invited you to come home to discuss cooperation with you,”

“Not to let you take the opportunity to make fun of me! This is too rude!”

Charlie said innocently: “Mr. Liu, what do you mean by that?”

“The reason why I laughed just now was that Miss Liu kept making me laugh.”

“We are both young people. When she laughs, I want to laugh too. Is there any problem?”

Gerard said angrily: “But you clearly know what roast goose means!”

“Doesn’t what you said just now mean that you admitted that you did it on purpose?

Charlie’s face was full of blank words: “Roast goose is a roast goose, besides being edible,”

“What else can it mean? The reason I said this just now was because I thought,”

“That Miss Liu was intentionally teasing me and wanted to see if I could hold back my laughter,”

“So I also wanted to play a little game with her, which is considered to enhance mutual understanding.”

After speaking, he looked at Jemima very seriously, and said,

“It’s my honor to be able to make a beautiful girl like Miss Liu smile.”

“If you say something over your own strength, the ancients don’t always say,”

“A fair lady, What a gentlewoman, when I saw Miss Liu, I naturally wanted to show her a little effort, is this wrong?”

As soon as Charlie said this, Jemima’s expression instantly became a little unnatural.

She didn’t expect that Charlie suddenly brought the topic to her,

And in addition to being ridiculed, she seemed to be a little serious.

Gerard was also a little confused at this time.

He really couldn’t figure out whether Charlie was trying to make fun of him,

Or whether he was really trying to please his daughter.

If it is the former, then it must be unbearable with his own temper,

And he must settle accounts with Charlie, otherwise, how can he be worthy of his current status?

What’s more, his wife is sitting opposite him. If he is ridiculed in front of her, where should he put his face?

But if it’s the latter, then the whole thing goes exactly as he expected.

Because, his original idea was to pull out his daughter, let her take away Charlie’s soul,

And then strike while the iron is hot and finalize the cooperation with him.

After the cooperation is settled, with his daughter’s character,

She will never give Charlie any chance to take advantage.

In this way, he is the winner who has the last laugh.

Others will say that this kind of trick is called the empty-glove white wolf.

But in Gerard’s view, this is clearly a lure master fishing with simulated lures.

Ordinary people while doing fishing, in addition to fishing gear,

Also need to prepare all kinds of bait and nest material,

And try every means to let the fish in the water open their mouths.