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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4589 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4589 Start

The moment Charlie mentioned the roast goose,

The expressions of Gerard and Bella changed suddenly.

As an authentic Hong Konger, Gerard used to love roast goose.

But ever since he learned that Hogan, a talented businessman,

Had been selling roast goose for 20 years in Chinatown in the United States,

He now hated roast goose to the core.

Because as long as he thinks of this item, he will think of Hogan.

As long as he thinks of Hogan, he will think of Bella’s elopement with him,

Which is known by everyone in Hong Kong know.

Moreover, what made him even more depressed was that a woman like Bella,

Who did not touch the sun with her fingers, willingly followed Hogan,

And sold roast goose for several years in Chinatown, which made his heart feel even more painful.

But for those who have been injured, no matter how strong they appear on the surface,

They must be fragile in their hearts, or fragile in a particular aspect.

Although Gerard is powerful and has a detached status in Hong Kong,

The more because of this, he cares strongly about the loss of face from back then.

Bella’s face was embarrassed because of this too.

She has been very favored by Gerard for so many years,

And after giving birth to a son, she started to gain his favors strongly.

However, only that incident from that time made her very uneasy.

Because she knew that it had always been Gerard’s minefield,

And the fundamental reason why he isolated her from his assets was also because of the existence of this minefield.

If it weren’t for this incident,

She would have already become Gerard’s most important and most trusted person,

And Gerard’s assets would naturally have half of her share.

This one wrong step, all the way affected her life for good.

Seeing the subtle expressions of the two of them, Charlie laughed in his heart,

But asked curiously, “What’s wrong with the two of you? Is there something wrong with the roast goose?”

Gerard said embarrassedly: “No, no, it’s mainly because there is no roast goose at home today.”

“If Mr. Wade likes to eat it, I will have someone prepare it at night!”

“Okay!” Charlie nodded and sighed: “I like roast goose the most.”

“That crispy and greasy taste, paired with sweet sweet-scented osmanthus juice, it’s authentic…”

Gerard’s expression was even more depressed, he even thought that…

Charlie was deliberately mentioning roast goose to stimulate him.

However, on second thought, he soothed himself thinking,

There should be very few people who know about Hogan selling roast goose in the United States.

After all, the news that Hogan was about to be deported was only released recently by himself.

When he released it, he did not reveal what Hogan was doing in the United States.

So, thinking of this, he was a little relieved,

Thinking that Charlie might just had mentioned roast goose by chance.

Afterward, he bite the bullet and said with a smile:

It seems that Mr. Wade has a lot of research on Cantonese cuisine.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll ask someone to prepare more brine, roast goose, and roast pigeon tonight!”

Charlie was satisfied he smiled, gave a thumbs-up, and said,

“Mr. Liu really pays attention to his work! To tell you the truth,”

“I used to follow my father to Hong Kong when I was young.”

“Although many memories have been blurred, the roast goose still remains in my memory, fresh as those days!”

Gerard asked curiously: “Oh? I don’t know if Mr. Wade still remembers which roast goose he ate,”

“When he was a child? If he is still open, I will ask the people to buy it for you!”