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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4588 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4588 Start

When she was just thinking about the past, she remembered that her mother washed her face in tears at home every day,

And her father rarely came home. At that time, her mother told her that her father was hooked by a vixen outside,

And the vixen in her mother’s mouth was Bella, who was hidden in Gerard’s golden house.

At that time, her mother was still pregnant with her sister,

And it was precisely because she was pregnant with her sister,

That she ignored the routine physical examination,

And failed to detect and intervene in time at the initial stage of cancer.

After giving birth to her younger sister. Her mother gave her breast milk for half a year.

During that time, in order to ensure the healthiness of breast milk,

She did not want to take even a single pill even if she caught a cold, so her treatment was delayed even more.

When her mother felt unwell and went to the hospital,

The doctor told her that she had terminal cancer.

The doctor also said that the reason why her condition developed so rapidly,

Had a great relationship with her depression.

Because of this, Jemima has been unable to forgive her father, let alone Bella in front of her.

Bella knew that she was wrong, so she never dared to confront Jemima head-on.

After she gave birth to her son, she was something,

And she also tried to use her position in front of Gerard to find a way to get Jemima out of this family.

However, after several trials, she found that although Gerard never admitted the mistakes of the year to Jemima on the surface,

He always felt that he owed this daughter very much,

So he was tolerant of Jemima in every possible way.

It is precisely because of this that Bella has never been able,

To find a suitable opportunity to drive Jemima away from his eyes.

As a result, the three people with their own thoughts fell into a strange stalemate.

At this time, Charlie made a round of play and said to Gerard,

“Mr. Liu, I can’t talk as an outsider about your family matters.”

“So, I’ll go first, and we can talk later when we have time?”

Gerard heard this. After hearing this, he quickly changed his face and said with a smile,

“Hey, Mr. Wade, I’m so sorry, it’s my daughter who has no sense of etiquette!”

After that, he said to Jemima again:

“Today Mr. Wade is here, we can’t let him see the funny side of us,”

“And I have no other requirements for you, have a good meal together at noon,”

“And help me accompany Mr. Wade around in the afternoon.”

“Turn, starting from tomorrow, I will no longer occupy your time, what do you think?”

Jemima immediately asked, “What about the 50 million donations you promised me?”

Gerard waved his hand and said proudly:

“As long as you take good care of Mr. Wade for me, I will cash the donation tomorrow!”

“Okay.” Jemima agreed without hesitation, and said, “I promise you!”

When Charlie heard this, he smiled and said,

“Since You two have agreed, then let’s sit down and eat and chat.”

Gerard said with a smile: “Yes, yes, eat and chat, eat and chat!”

The four sat down at the dining table, and the servants immediately brought up a wide variety of meals.

These meals are almost all classic Cantonese dishes, and each dish is extremely elegant.

While greeting Charlie to eat, Gerard introduced these precious dishes to him:

“Mr. Wade, our Cantonese cuisine is famous all over the world for the preciousness of the ingredients,”

“And the ingredients of my family are the best of the precious!”

“You see. These shark fins, abalone, fish maw, fish maw, bird’s nest, and Aolong are all top-notch!”

“And my chef is also a master of Cantonese cuisine.”

“There are so many dishes on this table, any one of them can be called the best. The pinnacle of Cantonese cuisine!”

Charlie nodded slightly, did not move his chopsticks,

But looked at Gerard and asked earnestly,

“By the way, Mr. Liu, I heard that roast goose is the classic among the classics in Cantonese cuisine,”

“I don’t know if it is ready in the house of Mr. Liu’s house already?”