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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4587 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4587 Start

In the ID photos, she is wearing glasses and unsmiling.

They just looked more delicate and beautiful, but they were far from stunning.

However, in front of him, Jemima, who is slender and tall, with fair and rosy skin,

The facial features without makeup have a charm of Chinese classical beauty.

With a long ponytail, it seems that an angel has fallen into the next door,

And become the top version of the girl next door.

Jemima’s dress is very simple, an ordinary dress, a pair of simple black sandals,

And a shoulder bag with no brand at all.

Such a casual dress makes her extraordinary temperament even more charming. Taking it to a new level.

Charlie really did not expect that the fat-headed,

And big-eared Gerard could give birth to such a fairy-like daughter.

Judging from Jemima’s facial features, Gerard’s genes hardly had any effective effect on her.

At this time, Jemima just glanced at Charlie lukewarmly, and said casually, “Mr. Wade, hello.”

After speaking, without waiting for Charlie’s response, she directly said to Gerard,

“It’s not that I was called back for dinner? Please hurry up,”

“I have something to do in the afternoon, so I can’t delay it for too long.”

Gerard was annoyed by Jemima’s attitude and blurted out:

“What is your attitude? I also plan to ask you to help me entertain, and take Mr. Wade around in the afternoon!”

Jemima refused without hesitation: “No, I said that I have something to do in the afternoon!”

“Since it is your guest, why don’t you entertain him yourself?”

Gerard Angrily said: “I think you and Mr. Wade are about the same age,”

“The same age, you are more suitable for entertaining than me!”

“I don’t have time!” Jemima said angrily: “You asked me to come back for dinner,”

“I have already come back. Now, please stop in moderation and don’t push yourself too far!”

Gerard said in a cold voice, “Is this your way to talk to your father?”

Bella hurriedly came over and said, “Gerard, why are you fighting with your child?”

“Besides, Mr. Wade is also here, so you can’t make a joke of yourself in front of your guests.”

Then, she hurriedly smiled and tried to persuade Jemima:

“Jemima, you know your father’s temper, don’t know him in the same way, sit down and eat quickly.”

Jemima gave Bella a disdainful look, she said coldly:

“You don’t need to pretend to be a good person here.”

Bella’s expression changed slightly, but she still smiled and said:

“Jemima, you may have misunderstood me just now,”

“My original intention was to persuade your father not to be serious with you,”

“There is no hatred between father and daughter, so what can’t be said?”

Jemima said lightly: “There is really no hatred between father and daughter,”

“But there is an inseparable hatred between the daughter and the vixen who destroys the family!”

As soon as these words came out, Bella’s expression suddenly became very ugly.

Gerard’s face on the side was also ashen.

Bella’s big eyes were instantly covered with water,

And she said to Gerard with grievance: “Gerard…”

Gerard was also very annoyed. After all, Jemima called Bella a vixen,

And the subtext was also equivalent to calling him a heartless man.

So, he, who was so embarrassed, immediately shouted to Jemima:

“Apologize to your mother, immediately, immediately!”

Jemima said with a grim expression: “I’m sorry, you and she are both the murderers,”

“Who indirectly killed my mother, and I will never apologize to both of you!”

“You!” Gerard suddenly became annoyed, pointing at Jemima and was speechless for a while.

In this life, Jemima hated Bella the most.