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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4582 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4582 Start

So Gerard concluded, “It means that the Su family was kind to the Wan family,”

“So Joseph Wan will only cooperate with the Su family after the Eastcliff Wade family is settled.”

“Otherwise, even if the Su family is rich, it may not be able to use Joseph!”

Speaking of which, Gerard saw that Bella was at a loss, and hurriedly urged:

“Okay, you go to order the servant to clean up the guest room,”

“And then order the housekeeper to prepare the banquet,”

“And then take the time to change into clothes and come to the airport with me.”

“We have to pick him up! By the way, call Jemima and say that I have something important to do with her!”

Bella said with an ugly expression: “Calling Jemima at this time, aren’t you uncomfortable?”

“If I fight with you again and neglect the distinguished guests, won’t I miss the important event then?”

Gerard laughed and said: “It’s because of Jemima’s character that I want to let her come back to accompany!”

“She is beautiful, and when a man sees her, he loses at least half of his soul and wit.”

“If she is there, maybe the surname Wade. The kid would be going to turn around to please me!”

“And she is usually over-the-top, eccentric, rebellious, and dismissive of any man,”

“So naturally she can’t suffer a loss. She is the carrot hanging in front of the donkey.”

“Let the donkey see, and run to eat, and run harder!”

“So, as long as she is there, even if she throws a stinky face,”

“It can save me twice the result with half the effort!”

Bella muttered: “Your daughter doesn’t even know what you are saying.”

“If she doesn’t listen to you, why would she listen to her stepmother?”

“If you want to call her, you’d better call yourself…”

Gerard was a little unhappy with Bella’s attitude, but after hesitating for a moment,

He waved his hand and said helplessly: “Forget it, I’ll tell her on the way! Go and arrange other things!”

“Okay!” Bella didn’t dare to refuse and nodded quickly.

At the same time, Charlie received a call from Melba and learned that,

Gerard actually wanted to invite him to live at his house.

In addition to being surprised, he couldn’t help but have a funny thought in his mind,

So he called Joseph. After the call, Charlie asked him: “Joseph, where are you now?”

Joseph respectfully said: “Going back to Mr. Wade, your subordinates are going to pick you up at the airport.”

Charlie told him, “You don’t have to go to the airport to meet me today,”

“I plan to stay at Gerard’s house for a few days.”

Joseph asked in surprise. Said: “Mr. Wade, do you want to live directly at Gerard’s house?!”

“Yes.” Charlie said indifferently: “Since he wants to lead the wolf into the house,

Then I will borrow the donkey and go to his house to have a good chat with him.”

Joseph couldn’t help laughing:

“Maybe this will be the most regretful decision Gerard has ever made in his life.”

Charlie smiled slightly and asked him, “How have you been in Hong Kong these two days?”

Joseph hurriedly said: “Your subordinate is about to report this matter to you,”

“I have sorted out all the information about Gerard, and the situation of several major forces in Hong Kong.”

“The major forces on the island are all gearing up to attack Hogan,”

“So as to win the 30 million of Gerard’s bounty, but the Hong Kong Police also has received the news,”

“They and the customs have been waiting for the past two days,”

“And they must ensure that Hogan arrives in Hong Kong,

“After handing him over to them, nothing can happen, so these killers who want to take the bounty,”

“Want to wait for Hogan to be released as soon as possible.”

Charlie asked curiously: “What is the process after Uncle Chen is sent back? Do you understand clearly?”

“I understand.” Joseph said: “Because the process when he left the country was reasonable and legal,”

“But he stayed in the United States illegally because his visa expired and violated the laws of the United States,”

“So after returning, he will not be convicted. The police and customs here will give him a normal immigration process.”

“In addition, if he has left Hong Kong for too long, they may apply for a new document for him,”

“And then they will notify his family to meet him and take him home,”

“And it is estimated that the whole process will not take more than 48 hours.”

“Okay.” Charlie said lightly: “In this case, the time is not urgent, I can play slowly with the surnamed Liu. “

Joseph said: “Okay, Mr. Wade, the subordinates will be on standby at any time, waiting for your orders.”