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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4580 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4580 Start

Charlie smiled and said: “You can only send me to the security check.”

“Besides, they arranged a business jet for me, I will directly go to the VIP channel,”

“And I don’t even have to queue, so you taking me in,”

“It’s just a few steps before I get in, so don’t bother.”

Seeing Charlie insisting, Claire nodded: “Well then, husband, please pay attention to safety,”

“Take care of diet and daily life, eat on time, do you understand?”

Charlie said with a smile: “Okay, I understand, don’t worry! When I finish things,”

“I will come back to accompany you as soon as possible!”

“Okay!” Claire nodded heavily, and then said, “You hurry in,”

“Aren’t you taking off at eight o’clock? It’s only half an hour now.”

“Okay.” Charlie got out of the car and waited for her to sit in the car, he waved to her and said,

“Wife, I’ll go first, you drive carefully on the way back.”

Claire nodded obediently, and said softly, “Tell me in advance when you’re done.”

“I’ll pick you up at the airport when you come back.”


Charlie watched Claire drive away, then turned around and walked into the airport.

After a simple security check, he boarded the business jet arranged by Joseph.

At 8:00 sharp, the plane took off on time and flew toward Hong Kong at high speed.

Fourteen hours later, it is already ten o’clock in the morning in Hong Kong.

Charlie’s business jet was more than an hour away from Hong Kong.

So, he called Melba and told her that he was going to Hong Kong soon,

And asked her to notify Gerard to meet him at the airport.

Gerard was still sleeping soundly at home.

Ever since he asked the USCIS to start the deportation process for Hogan,

He has been a little overexcited. It is hard to fall asleep in bed every night. The shame he suffered.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the whole of Hong Kong knew of his hatred of Hogan,

He would have liked to execute that ba5tard himself.

After all, only in that way could he completely relieve his hatred.

At this time, he was in a strange dream. In the dream, Hogan was finally deported back to Hong Kong.

In order to witness Hogan’s tragic death, he deliberately came to the airport to wait.

When Hogan walked out of the airport, passers-by all pulled out their guns and aimed them at Hogan.

Gerard was naturally excited. He couldn’t wait to see Hogan being shot to death,

But at this moment, everyone’s guns suddenly turned around and aimed at him.

Just when he was stunned, Hogan suddenly sneered at him and then waved his hand slightly.

Immediately afterward, the gun-wielding killers pulled the triggers,

And the bullets hit him frantically, causing him to scream and sit up straight.

Bella was doing her makeup in the bathroom at the moment, when she heard the movement,

She hurried over and asked nervously, “What’s wrong with you, Gerard? Are you having a nightmare?

“It’s okay…Dream and reality are reversed…”

Just as he was talking, his phone suddenly rang.

He grabbed it and found that it was Melba who was calling,

So he immediately pressed the answer button and said,

“Hello, Mr. Watt! You called so early, what are your orders?”

Melba said on the other end of the phone,

“Mr. Liu, my assistant will arrive in Hong Kong in an hour,”

“If it’s convenient for you, you’d better pick him up at the airport.”

Gerard was naturally very upset when Melba asked him to pick up her assistant.

In his opinion, when Melba’s assistant arrives, it’s almost enough to find a hotel to entertain this guy,

But she wants him to go to the airport to pick him up. Isn’t this a bit too much?

At this moment, Melba said again: “By the way, Mr. Liu, I forgot to tell you before that this assistant of mine is appointed by the two major shareholders of ISU Shipping,”

“Miss Ito and Miss Su, and he is better than me in many matters.”

“He has more right to speak. If President Liu wants to promote the cooperation between us,”

“Please be sure to do a good job of reception.”