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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 458 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 458 Start

The three classmates and the head teacher who drove were a little dizzy. The head teacher hurriedly put down all the windows and let the wind continue to pour into the car, which is regarded as blowing away the smell.

Wu Qi exploded. He gritted his teeth and said to the person on his right hand: “Fourth, if you or he doesn’t tell me clearly, don’t blame me for turning my face with you! The two hundred thousand you took from me last time, hurry up Give it back to me!”

Hearing this, the guy hurriedly said: “Boss, I said! I said it’s okay! Just now, you suddenly had to eat that thing like crazy. The three of us pressed you, but you were too strong and broke away. After that, you ran to the toilet of the hospital, but we didn’t catch up with you. You broke into a cubicle and pulled out an Old Master who was doing to the toilet, and then…”

Wu Qi’s face turned black. He resisted the nausea and murmured, “I…have I eaten?”

The fourth child nodded cautiously, and said, “Yes…you…eat…”


Wu Qi spit out suddenly.

The thing that he ate twice in a row, all vomited in the car…

At this time, the whole car seemed to have fallen into a septic tank, and it smelled like the gutter, and the windows were hard to use when driving…

The other four people in the car have completely collapsed!

The head teacher wanted to die. He had just bought a car for 200,000 and drove it for two weeks, and it was covered with the vomit. It is estimated that he will not be able to drive in the future.

But he also dared not say anything. After all, the Wu family’s strength is too strong. The principal has already told him that he must take care of Wu Qi and must not be negligent…

At this time, Wu Qi’s video of eating stool has become popular on Facebook!

This kind of brutal and inhuman devil video has exploded in the moment it goes up!

The Wu family in Suzhou and Hangzhou was shocked when they saw this video! The whole family became nervous about it.

The Wu family is one of the largest families in the south of the Yangtze River. They have always attached great importance to their children. Suddenly, Wu Qi had such an unthinkable thing. The Wu family immediately realized that something must have happened, so they had to come and find out.

At the same time, the Wu family is also trying every means to contact the entire network to delete videos. After all, this kind of thing is too shameful for them. How can a big family like theirs afford this person?

However, the speed of this video spread was so fast, and it spread to platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. It almost instantly reached the hottest state, and it was instantly known.

The head of the Wu family was furious. Wu Qi’s father Regnar immediately called Wu Qi and blurted out, “Wu Qi, what’s wrong with you?! What is it that stimulates you?! Do you know your video? , After the video exploded, how much black was smeared on the family’s face!”

When Wu Qi heard that the video had exploded on YouTube, he couldn’t wait to hit himself to death, or just jump out of the car and kill himself.

He cried loudly and said, “Dad! you can’t blame me for this! I don’t know what’s wrong. My brain will have problems every hour, and then I will eat that thing uncontrollably. The whole person is totally unaware. My classmate said that if I can’t eat that, I will self-harm and commit suicide…Dad, you have to find a way to save me!”

When Regnar heard this, he immediately said, “Son, wait for me! I will fly over with your brother and the doctor!”

After finishing speaking, he immediately took his brother Roger, too late to pack any luggage, and hurriedly took a private plane from Suzhou to Hangzhou to Aurous Hill. They were accompanied by the entire Wu family’s physician team.

The strength of the Wu family even exceeds that of the Song family by a large margin. The family has all aspects of supporting facilities, not only private jets, private yachts, but even a private medical team and security team.

The Wu family’s physician team is composed of six top medical experts in various fields, including one of the best psychiatric experts in China.

However, the Wu family did not know that even the best psychiatrists in the world would not be able to cure Wu Qi’s disease!