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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4579 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4579 Start

After agreeing with Claire to go to Hong Kong, Charlie called Joseph.

As soon as the call was made, Joseph asked on the other end of the phone,

“Master Wade, have you discussed this with your wife? I wonder if you can come over to help?”

Charlie said, “I have already discussed it with my wife. You are lucky,”

“It just so happens that my mother-in-law has just arrived in the United States,”

“She can now help me take care of my wife, otherwise I really couldn’t come there to help you.”

Joseph hurriedly said: “That’s great! Mr. Wade, what time is right for you,”

“I will arrange a business jet from the United States to bring you over!”

Charlie shied away: “There is no need for a business jet, I can just buy a ticket.”

Joseph said, “If you come here on a connecting flight,”

“It will take at least 20 hours or even longer,”

“And it may not be possible to buy the earliest air ticket, business jet is faster!”

Charlie murmured: “That’s right, it’s urgent now, the sooner the better.”

“That’s alright, then you have to work hard to arrange the plane, and I can leave early tomorrow.”

“Okay!” Joseph said without hesitation, “Then I’ll arrange it,”

“You can take off at eight o’clock in the morning local time, right?”

“No Question!”

Joseph said excitedly: “That’s great, Master Wade! I’ll pick you up at the airport!”

Charlie said, “Then let’s meet in Hong Kong!”

After that, he and Joseph said goodbye, then hanging up the phone, he said to Claire:

“Wife, the situation of this client’s house is more urgent, and I may be leaving early tomorrow.”

Claire said with a reluctant expression and a little distressed:

“Early in the morning. It’s too hard to catch a plane…”

Charlie smiled and said, “It’s nothing more than getting up early, no hard work,”

“This client seems to be very powerful, he said that he would arrange a business jet for me,”

“Tomorrow morning, I will fly directly from here to Hong Kong and sleep all the way there.”

Elaine on the side heard Charlie talking about the business jet, and quickly said:

“Yes, yes! The business jet is very comfortable! That single sofa in front, it can massage, heat, and ventilate.”

“Even you can go to the back bedroom to sleep when you are tired,”

“The big bed is more comfortable than the bed at home!”

“Besides, the flight attendant in there are good ones!”

Claire couldn’t help but said: “Mom, have you been on a business jet,”

“You say it as if you have been on a plane like that…”

Elaine knew that she had said something wrong, and quickly changed her tune:

“Look at what I said, Mom has never eaten pork and has never seen a pig run?”

“You can always see pictures of people taking private planes on TV,”

“And it’s like a luxury hotel room, as comfortable as one can imagine.”

Claire shook her head helplessly, and turned to Charlie,

“Husband, then I’ll take you to the airport tomorrow morning.”

Charlie didn’t refuse, nodded, and said,

“Okay, then the hard-working wife will take me there.”

The next day.

Claire’s alarm clock rang at six o’clock.

She and Charlie got up, had a simple breakfast, and drove to the airport.

After Charlie drove the car to the airport and parked it at the entrance of the airport,

He said to Claire: “Wife, don’t take me in, just drive back.”

Claire said reluctantly: ” I still want to send you in.”