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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4575 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4575 Start

The captain said without hesitation: “Okay, Ma’am, then I’ll report to you again.”

Elaine shook her head and said, “No, it doesn’t start with you.”

After speaking, she pointed to the flight attendant and smiled. Then she said, “It starts with her!”

Elaine has a pungent personality, but the essence of this comes from being strong.

She has lived for fifty years, and was looked down upon most of the time,

Especially after marrying into the Willson family.

The contempt of her husband’s family and the cowardice of her husband,

Once made her self-esteem trampled, which not only made her character more aggressive,

But also aggravated her ultimate pursuit of respect.

Now, she has finally taken a private jet. She naturally wants to enjoy such a high-end feeling and leave a memory.

More importantly, she has to show off in the circle of friends.

And the crew members are naturally very cooperative.

After all, they are flying such flights. The income of serving Elaine alone is several times that of serving a few hundred people on a whole civil airliner.

Naturally, Elaine should be worshipped as a Lafayette.

After filming the video contentedly, in order not to expose it in front of her family,

Elaine specially organized a group to block Charlie, Claire, and her husband,

And then posted a circle of friends with the text: “Taking a private jet to travel.”

“The feeling is different, there is a royal atmosphere everywhere!”

After posting on the Moments, she subconsciously asked the flight attendant:

“Hey, waiter, will there be no internet after we take off?”

The flight attendant hurriedly said: “There is no network at the critical stage of the plane’s take-off and climb,”

“But after the plane is stable, I will turn on the cabin WiFi for you,”

“And then you will be able to connect to the Internet.”

Elaine nodded with satisfaction and smiled:

“Okay, then tell the captain and take off quickly.”

After speaking, she thought happily: “The circle of friends has been sent out,”

“And I will connect to the Internet after I get to the sky for a while,”

“And it is estimated that many people will see it, won’t they be envy to death?”

Thinking of this, she put her phone aside and looked at the scenery outside the window in a wonderful mood.

The plane quickly cut in line to take off, straight into the sky.

About half an hour later, the plane rose to a cruising altitude of 11,000 kilometers.

The stewardess turned on the cabin WIFI and said to Elaine:

“Ma’am, our WiFi has been turned on, you can now connect to the Internet,”

“And the WiFi name is your name. There is no password.”

Elaine immediately took out her mobile phone, connected to WiFi,

And then couldn’t wait to open WeChat, wanting to see how big the prompt in the circle of friends would show.

However, after she opened it, she found that the circle of friends didn’t even have a prompt!

This also means that it has been so long since she posted it in her circle of friends,

And no one has liked or commented on it.

She couldn’t help but mutter in her heart:

“Is there a problem with this network? It’s impossible for more than half an hour, and no one has commented!”

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help asking the stewardess:

“Do you have a wireless network? What’s the problem?”

“It shows that it is connected here, but it doesn’t seem to be connected to the Internet!”

The stewardess hurriedly said, “It shouldn’t be, Ma’am, we are all using the satellite network,”

“although the Internet speed is a little slower, but the signal is very good, and the connection is very stable.”

Elaine was about to speak when a circle prompt popped up in the circle of friends,

And there was a number 1 in the red circle.

She hurried to check, and the notifications immediately became 2.

She was instantly overjoyed and thought, “Finally someone commented on the old lady’s circle of friends!”

So, she quickly clicked in, which didn’t make her mad.

The two are from Horiyah.

One is Horiyah’s like, the other is her comment, the content is: Sister have a smooth journey!