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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4574 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4574 Start

Claire was also very happy, and hurriedly said, “Mom, After your itinerary is set,”

“Remember to tell us, we will pick you up from the airport in advance!”

“Okay!” Elaine was very proud of his her, and said with a smile, “Mom will tell you when it’s done!”

After hanging up, Claire hurriedly asked Charlie, “Husband, mom won’t cause you any trouble,”

“When she comes to the United States? She has a different nature, and I’m afraid your mood will be affected.”

“No.” Charlie said with a smile: “It’s good for Mom to come to America,”

“And she can accompany you by the way. You’ve been away from home for so long, so you must miss her very much.”

Claire nodded lightly and said, “I’ve grown up so much,”

“And I haven’t been so far away from home for so long. She must be worried about it.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Our hotel room here is so big for two people.”

“It’s really empty to live in, and it’ll be a little more lively when Mom comes.”

Seeing that Charlie really didn’t mind,

Claire breathed a sigh of relief and said softly, “Husband, thank you!”

The next morning.

Elaine has already obtained a visa to the United States.

The person from the jewelry company confirmed to her that the departure time of the plane was this afternoon,

So Elaine changed into her most beautiful clothes at noon,

Carried the Hermes bought by Charlie and took the commercial car provided by the jewelry company to Aurous Hill Airport.

At the airport, Elaine experienced the high-end courtesy of VIP building boarding for the first time.

The luxury business car took her to the apron alone.

Two beautiful ground staff helped her carry her luggage and escorted her to board the private jet ready for the United States.

This Gulfstream G650 is a business jet owned by the Song Group.

This time, Warnia specially transferred this plane to Elaine to fly alone.

The interior of the plane is naturally extremely luxurious,

Making Elaine feel as if she has entered a palace in the sky as soon as she set her foot in.

The huge and luxurious cabin, with only her as a passenger,

Made her feel that her vanity was infinitely enlarged.

Just as she sat down on the extremely soft oversized reclining chair,

Three beautiful female flight attendants stepped forward.

The three of them bowed deeply to Elaine first, and then,

Under the leadership of the female flight attendant,

Squatted down in front of her in a half-kneeling posture and looked up at her.

The first flight attendant said, “Dear Madam, welcome to this flight.”

“This flight is a direct flight from Aurous Hill to Providence, the United States.”

“The flight time is about fifteen hours. I am the flight attendant on this flight.”

“Ma’am, these two people beside me are the flight attendants of our crew,”

“The three of us will serve you alone during the next flight,”

“And you can give any orders at any time if you need anything.”

Elaine suddenly had a clue With a feeling of her soul being out of the body,

Se said with a refreshing look: “Oh, it’s really hard for you!”

The steward said very modestly: “This is what we should do.”

At this time, in the cockpit, two pilots also came over, and the two of them bowed slightly to Elaine,

And then one of them said, “Ma’am, I am the captain of this flight, and this person next to me is my second-in-command.”

“We will do our best to ensure the safety, timeliness, and your comfort during the flight.”

“The plane has applied for a VIP channel, and you can cut the queue to take off at any time.”

“If you are ready, we can launch it at any time.”

“If you still want to rest for a while, we will wait for your instructions in the cabin.”

Elaine happily closed her mouth and blurted out:

“No wonder you fly 1.2 million at a time! It’s an emperor-like enjoyment!”

She quickly waved her hand. Said: “I’m all ready, let’s take off as soon as possible!”

The captain nodded immediately and said, “Okay, Ma’am, we’ll apply for the take-off now!”

Elaine suddenly thought of something, and quickly said: “Oh, wait wait wait.”

While talking, she took out her mobile phone from her bag and said to a few people,

“Oh, I was so excited just now that I forgot to take a video and leave a memory,”

“So we can do it once more?”