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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4572 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4572 Start

At that moment, Bella realized what a stupid choice she had made.

It was also at that moment that she decided to do everything possible to return to Gerard.

Fortunately, after she came back, Gerard re-accepted her regardless of previous suspicions,

And even married her in an open and honest way.

For the next 20 years, she has been enjoying the best of everything in this world, just as she was back then.

However, Hogan was still a vacuum deep in her heart that could not be filled.

However, the more realistic Bella understood a truth:

Some vacancies can actually not be filled.

However, it was precisely because of the existence of this vacuum that,

When she knew that Hogan was going to be sent back,

And even when countless people were gearing up to take his life,

She still couldn’t accept it, so she rushed to Gerard aggressively to ask for an explanation.

However, she overestimated her status in Gerard’s mind.

And also underestimated hatred for Hogan in Gerard’s mind.

The slap on her face made her panic for a while.

Because she was afraid that she would lose everything around her.

So, she hurriedly explained to Gerard:

“Gerard…don’t get me wrong…I really have no other meaning…I just…”

Gerard said coldly: “Don’t say it! I don’t want to hear what you mean and what not,”

“I just want to tell you that you are not allowed to mention anything,”

“Related to Hogan in front of me in the future, otherwise, you will go as far as you can!”

Bella was terrified.

She knew that although Gerard liked her and had a strong possessiveness towards her,

She had always been wary of him.

Although she is married to him, she has always been insulated from him in terms of assets.

Before Gerard married her, he had already made her sign an agreement,

To voluntarily give up all the common property of the husband and wife.

Therefore, as long as Gerard divorces her, she has no choice but to leave the house.

So, while weeping, she said to him, “I was wrong, Gerard…”

“Don’t worry… I will never make you angry again…”

Gerard nodded expressionlessly and said coldly:

“Mrs. Han should still be waiting for you.”

Bella said quickly: “Yes… Mrs. Han is still waiting for me at the racecourse…”

“Then I will go first, what do you want to eat at night,”

“I will ask the servant to make it ready.”

“No need.” Gerard waved his hand:

“I’m a little annoyed now, and I want to be alone for a while.”

Bella said with sincerity and fear: “Okay…then I’ll go first…”

After speaking, she turned around quickly and left in a panic.

The next day.

New York morning.

When Claire opened her eyes, Charlie was still sleeping soundly beside her.

She didn’t know that he went out alone last night and didn’t come back until before dawn.

After getting up, she asked the hotel’s food and beverage department to bring breakfast.

Just as Charlie came out of the bedroom, she asked with a smile, “How did you sleep, husband?”

“It’s good.” Charlie smiled and replied casually.

One sentence, in fact, he didn’t sleep at all, just lying on the bed,

Thinking about things related to that mysterious organization.

Claire greeted him and said, “Breakfast is here, come and eat it!”

Charlie nodded, and just as the two sat down at the dining table, Elaine made a video call to Claire.

As soon as the call got connected, Claire looked at Elaine in the video and asked with a smile,

“Mom, why did you call me so early?

“Mom really misses you… You don’t know how lonely Mom is at home after you and Charlie left,”

“I really don’t want to stay in this home by myself for a minute…”