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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4570 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4570 Start

The assistant said in surprise: “Mr. Liu, ISU Shipping is interested in cooperating with us,”

“Which is great! Now all the good routes are in their hands,”

“And high-quality ports and customer resources are also in their hands.”

“Here, cooperating with them will definitely release our shipping capacity!”

Gerard took a sip of the cigar and said with a smile:

“This ISU Shipping is Ito family’s and that Ito Nanako,”

“She is the most beautiful in the world, and from the Su family that Zhiyu is also not anything inferior,”

“I heard that even this Melba Watt is a super beauty that is one in a million,”

“And working with them is only a side matter, if you can only get to k!ss them,”

“It will really be a thing worth doing in your life!”

As soon as Gerard finished speaking, the door of the office was suddenly pushed open,

And a middle-aged lady with extraordinary temperament and incomparable beauty walked in,

With a gloomy expression: “Gerard! Who do you want to k!ss? Huh?”

“It can make you so excited that you don’t even want to die!”

At this time, the female secretary beside the middle-aged woman said with an embarrassed expression:

“I’m sorry Mr. Liu… Madam, she insists on coming in and didn’t let me report to you. …”

Gerard shook his head and said to her and the assistant beside her, “You two go out first.”

The two of them quickly turned and left after hearing this.

Immediately, Gerard came to the middle-aged lady with a face,

And said with a smile, “Wife, you know who I am talking about.”

At this point, Gerard quickly changed the subject and said,

“Didn’t you invite Mrs. Han to spend time with you today? Why did you suddenly come to me?”

The middle-aged lady folded her arms, looked at him coldly, and said sharply,

“I heard that people in Hong Kong are all gearing up to earn 30 million from your President Liu!”

After that, she asked angrily, “Why haven’t you spared Hogan?!”

Gerard at this moment with an innocent look said:

“Hey, wife, although I love you very much, but if you say that to me, I will be very sad!”

“I promised Philip Gu from mainland long ago, for his sake,”

“I won’t go after that Hogan, but this time you can’t blame me,”

“For him being discovered by the US Immigration Service, right?”

The middle-aged lady said angrily, “You think I’m a three-year-old child?”

“You must be playing tricks behind my back!”

Gerard raised his hands: “You’re wrong, wife! Hogan is caught by the immigration bureau,”

“And you think it has something to do with me?!”

“You can’t doubt that I told the secret, right?”

“I didn’t even know where he was for so many years.”

If I knew, could I wait until today!”

The middle-aged lady blurted out: “I don’t care if you are playing tricks on this matter,”

“I only have one request! You immediately take back the 30 million bounty,”

“And you will be responsible for entire Hong Kong.”

“Announcing that 30 million bounty is invalid!”

“You have lost it!” Gerard’s good face suddenly disappeared without a trace,

His eyes fixed on the middle-aged lady, and he said coldly:

“You fcuking think I’m a turtle? What you say, Take it back yourself?”

“What do you want people in Hong Kong to think of me?”

“Why me, Gerard, a respectable person, he embarrassed me,”

“You have been making me laughing stock for 20 years,”

“And now you want me to take back the bounty, wouldn’t that be like me taking that embarrassment to the grave with me?”

The lady was frightened by Gerard’s angry expression, she involuntarily took two steps back,

And her tone softened. She pleaded: “Gerard, I beg you…Hogan has been hiding outside for so many years,”

“And it has been very hard for him. This time he is sent back, so just let him go.”

“His mother is in her 80s. It’s not good, if he dies, she won’t have a few days left to live!”