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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 457 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 457 Start

Wu Qi’s headteacher and roommates in the same dormitory were almost tortured crazy by him.

They resisted the nausea and wanted to send Wu Qis back to the doctor.

The Old Master who was pulled out of the toilet by Wu Qi and thrown to the floor whimpered: “If your brain is sick, don’t let him out! Why is he stealing sh!t!”

The headteacher looked embarrassed and took out his wallet, handed him five hundred, and said, “Master this should compensate you for your loss, please forgive me…”

The Old Master didn’t expect that he could earn 500 in this way. The grievances just now disappeared in an instant. Then he asked with joy, “Well, do you want to next time?”

The headteacher retched and said, “Uncle, I don’t want it next time. If you don’t finish it, please continue to go in…”

After finishing speaking, he shouted to everyone quickly: “Quickly, get Wu Qi to the doctor!”

When he arrived at the doctor, the doctor glanced at him, then vomited all the supper, and blurted out: “I beg you, take him to the mental hospital, we really can’t cure this kind of disease!”

The headteacher said: “Well, somehow, give him a stomach wash, how dirty it is to eat…”

The doctor was about to cry and said, “I can wash him, but are you not afraid that he will slow down and eat again? No matter how I wash this, I have to put the tube in a little bit, I can’t stand it. He eats so fast!”

The headteacher asked some of his classmates: “Is this the second time for him?”

“Yes.” The same bed hurriedly nodded and said: “It’s almost an hour away!”

The headteacher said: “Then he might have to eat in another hour…”

Thinking of this, he hesitated for a moment, and blurted out: “Wipe him clean, get in the car, let’s go to the SanityLab Hospital, otherwise, in case of delay, it will be finished again!”

Everyone had to endure the nausea, wipe Wu Qi’s mouth with a tissue, and then walked out with him in a daze.

As soon as he got in the car, Wu Qi came back to his senses, feeling a strange nausea in his mouth, and couldn’t help asking: “What happened to me?”

A sleeper sitting next to him asked in surprise: “Don’t you remember?”

Wu Qi shook his head and said, “I don’t remember, I just remember that I had a headache just now, and my mind was buzzing.”

After speaking, Wu Qi put his hand to his mouth, he sighed, and instantly he was almost fainted. He blurted out and asked, “What’s the situation?! Did I eat that thing again?!”

Sitting in the dormitory of the front co-pilot, the old third turned around and said, “Boss, we couldn’t stop you with all our hard work just now. You rushed into the toilet and took an Old Master…”

The bedmate sitting next to Wu Qi hurriedly said: “Hey, don’t talk about it!”

“Oh…” The youngest realized that this fact was a bit disgusting, so he closed his mouth with interest.

Wu Qi hurriedly asked: “What the h*ll is going on?! Tell me clearly!”

“This…” Everyone looked at each other. No one wanted to describe the terrible devil scene just now, and even thinking about it, it felt disgusting.

Wu Qi shouted with a dark face: “d*mn! You guys can’t tell me!”

The voice roared out, and the whole car was immediately stinking!