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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4569 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4569 Start

Knowing that Hogan was about to be deported soon, Gerard was in a particularly good mood.

For the past 20 years, he has always felt embarrassed,

And now he finally has the opportunity to make the other person feel ashamed.

Therefore, since yesterday, he has been counting the seconds,

In order to rush to Hogan when he is back.

As long as this man comes back, how many people in Hong Kong will try their best,

To kill him for the sake of their secrets.

As long as he died, the sword of embarrassment on his head would naturally disappear.

Just then, his cell phone rang suddenly.

So he took out his mobile phone and said carelessly: “Hello, who is it?!”

On the other end of the phone, Melba said lukewarmly,

“Mr. Liu, right? I’m Melba Watt from ISU Shipping.”

Gerard’s expression suddenly changed to a very flattering one,

Holding a cigar in one hand and a mobile phone in the other,

Watt said respectfully: “So it’s Ms. Watt! I have admired you for a long time,”

“And I have been looking for an opportunity to visit you in person!”

After speaking, he hurriedly asked again: “By the way, Ms. Watt,”

“I don’t know if my assistant has explained our situation to you before.”

“We really hope to cooperate with ISU Shipping. Let’s see if you have time,”

“And let’s have a good chat. I will also like to have a chance to report our advantages to you face to face!”

For Gerard, his assets are naturally much stronger than that of professional managers like Melba.

However, to measure the value of a person, it is not only to measure his assets,

But also to measure the platform he is on and the resources behind him.

Although Melba has no assets of herself, she is the head of the entire ISU Shipping.

Now, ISU Shipping has abundant resources in Asia and is developing rapidly.

If he wants to cooperate with ISU Shipping and monetize the idle resources from Melba, he must be polite to her.

Melba said in a calm tone at this time:

“Mr. Liu, about cooperation, your people have introduced it to me before.”

“I think cooperation is not unthinkable, but before discussing cooperation,”

“We still need to strengthen our understanding.”

Gerard said without hesitation: “Of course! This is what it should be!”

“Ms. Watt, when it is convenient for you, I will come to the mainland,”

“To meet you in person to share the information and introduce my team!”

Melba said: “Don’t trouble yourself, Mr. Liu,”

“It just so happens that my personal assistant is coming to Hong Kong in two days.”

“If you have time, I can arrange a meeting with you,”

“And he can represent me with full authority.”

Gerard said in surprise: “Wow, Ms. Watt, that can’t be more opportune!”

“I will be totally available for the next two days!”

Melba said, “Then I’ll tell you the exact time when his schedule is settled,”

“And then I’ll trouble President Liu to arrange a reception.”

“No problem. Absolutely no problem!” Gerard said cheerfully:

“I will personally receive him at that time! I will definitely make him feel at home!”

Melba smiled slightly: “Okay, let’s settle it first.”

After Gerard and Melba exchanged a few words, she just hung up the phone with a smile.

As soon as he hung up the phone, Gerard laughed loudly and excitedly:

“It’s really a double happiness, a double happiness!”

“Melba Watt from ISU Shipping will send her personal assistant to visit Hong Kong. Take it!”