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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4568 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4568 Start

Melba hurriedly said: “I don’t know him, but he happened to have his assistant come to me some time ago.”

“He told me that he wanted to visit ISU Shipping in person and discuss the cooperation in the shipping business.”

“He also has a shipping company. However, due to the economic situation and the rapid rise of ISU Shipping recently.”

“His shipping company’s operating conditions are not very good, his ships are not enough,”

“But his ship has 30% of its capacity idle and cannot be cashed,”

“So he really wants to cooperate with us and subcontract some mainland,”

“And Japan-Korea links from us as well as the European and American route resources.”

Charlie asked her, “Then have you chatted with this man?”

“No.” Melba said, “To be honest, we cooperate with them, that is,”

“We will transfer the uneatable part to them for some intermediary fees.”

“It’s not very impressive for us. Besides, he is asking us now.”

“I want to hang him and stretch him first, which can also lower his psychological expectations. Fight for a bigger one.”

“Understood.” Charlie said with a smile: “If that’s the case, then you can contact him,”

“Say you can think about cooperation, and then tell him that you are going to send your assistant to Hong Kong.”

“Check it out and let him receive the reception at that time.”

The smart Melba immediately noticed the key, and hurriedly asked,

“Mr. Wade, are you going to pretend to be my assistant and go to Hong Kong for a private visit?!”

Charlie smiled as Melba said: “It’s not enough to make a private visit in a low tier position,”

“I just want to meet Gerard for a while.”

Melba hurriedly said: “You are my boss, how can you pretend to be my assistant… This… Isn’t this a bit inappropriate? “

There’s nothing inappropriate.” Charlie smiled:

“Just tell him my name, say I’m your assistant and ask him to send someone,”

“To pick me up at the airport within the specified time. “

Okay…” Melba knew that Charlie must have a deeper meaning in what he did, so she said,

“Are you still in the United States? When are you planning to go to Hong Kong?”

“I will communicate with him when the time comes.”

Charlie smiled and Said: “You can communicate with him now, just say I’ll be there in two days.”

“No problem!” Melba said, “Then I’ll call his assistant now.”

Charlie explained: “No, you call him directly, with a high-profile attitude,”

“And make him feel flattered.” Melba couldn’t help laughing:

“Okay, Mr. Wade, I understand! Then I’ll contact him now!”

At the same time. China Hong Kong.

In the central area where every inch of land is expensive, there are countless modern buildings.

This is the financial center of Hong Kong and almost every multinational group in the world,

Likes to set up their branches here.

In one of the skyscrapers, a fat man with a bloated body is smoking a cigar

And looked proudly over the Victoria Harbour outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

There was a knock on the door, and he shouted loudly without turning his head, “Come in!”

His assistant pushed open the door, and seeing him grinning non-stop, he quickly said,

“Chairman, you are in such a good mood today. Ah!”

“Of course!” Gerard laughed, looked at the assistant, and asked,

“Do you remember Hogan Chen’s pummeling!”

The assistant was stunned for a moment, and quickly said,

“Of course, I remember… Ah!” Hor… oh no… Hogan Chen’s ungrateful pokemon has been missing for more than ten years…”

Gerard sneered: “I lost this fcuking filth after he started running for twenty years!”

“I couldn’t find this punk, but Goodness, this punk will soon return to Hong Kong!”

The assistant asked in surprise: “He… how dare he comes back to Hong Kong… This is not to die. Is that right?”

Gerard snorted and said, “He has now been arrested by the US Immigration Service,”

“And he was staying illegally, and the US side will soon deport him back.”

“This punk should have been hiding outside for so many years, and he is finally coming home! Ha! Haha!”

After speaking, he couldn’t help humming: “Come back, come back, wandering around the world~ Come back, come back, you are tired of wandering~”