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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4567 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4567 Start

Therefore, Doris secretly took a photo and hid it on her tablet computer.

Whenever she thought of him, she quietly found the photo and took a look.

Just when she was a little lost, the phone suddenly rang.

When she saw the words “Chairman” on her phone, she was as happy as a little girl.

She wanted to grab the phone immediately, but for some reason,

She hurriedly straightened her hair in front of the mirror reflected in the glass cabinet,

And then suppressed her excitement and pressed the answer button…

Doris’s voice was a little excited and energetic, but Charlie couldn’t understand it.

He went straight to the topic and asked,

“Doris, how much do you know about Gerard Liu in Hong Kong?”

“Gerard Liu?” How did you find out about him?”

Charlie said, “I have something to discuss with him,”

“But I don’t want to use my real identity,”

“So I want to ask you if there is a good opportunity for me to talk to him,”

“After I go to Hong Kong. I will meet him normally.”

Doris said: “Chairman, our Emgrand Group has no business dealings with him,”

“But I remember that a large section of his main business is ocean shipping,”

“You might as well call Melba and ask, if you use the name of ISU Shipping, there should be no problem.”

“Understood.” Charlie smiled and said, “Then I’ll call Melba, you get busy”

Doris didn’t expect Charlie to hang up so soon, and said subconsciously, “Chairman, wait a moment…”

Charlie asked her, “What’s the matter? Do you have anything to ask me?”

Doris hurriedly said: “Uh…that… it is that…you cured my father’s illness before,”

“My parents have always been very grateful to you, and have never found a good opportunity,”

“My mother told me a few days ago, that she wanted to invite you to dinner at home,”

“I told her that you were in the United States,”

“And she asked me when you will come back if it is convenient, come to eat dinner at home.”

Charlie knew that when Doris’s father was poisoned before and he saved him.

Her family has always been grateful for his act, but he smiled casually:

“Tell uncle and auntie that you don’t have to be so polite,”

“The previous matter was just a little effort.”

After speaking he said again: “But don’t worry, I will definitely make time to visit after I come back.”

Doris said happily: “Okay chairman, then I will tell my mother that,”

“When you come back, come to the house for a quick meal!” “OK.”

Charlie readily agreed and smiled: ” Doris, then I’ll hang up first, and I’ll call Melba.”

“Okay, chairman!”

Charlie hung up the phone and called Melba, who is now in charge of ISU Shipping.

On the other end of the phone, Melba was as surprised as Doris, and blurted out,

“Mr. Wade…why are you calling me so late?!”

Charlie smiled and said, “It should be the afternoon on your side, right?”

“Yeah!” Melba hurriedly said: “Isn’t it late at night over there?”

“You are calling me so late, aren’t you afraid that Madam will get angry?”

Charlie said casually: “No, no, I’m outside to breathe.”

“Oh, that’s it. Ah…” Melba summoned her courage and deliberately teased:

“Mr. Wade misses me, called me, and wanted to chat with me, or do you have something to tell me?”

Charlie smiled: “I have something to do. I want to ask you for help.”

Melba was a little disappointed in her heart, but she said without hesitation:

“If you have something to do, just tell me.”

Charlie said, “Do you know Gerard Liu from Hong Kong?”

“Gerard Liu?” Melba asked curiously Said:

“That romantic rich man who is famous all over Hong Kong?”

“Yes.” Charlie smiled: “It’s him.”