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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4565 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4565 Start

For Charlie, spiritual energy is his biggest trump card at the moment.

This mysterious organization is indeed powerful, even too powerful.

However, the power they control these dead soldiers, or in other words,

The power they use to enhance the strength of these dead soldiers is still not an opponent in the face of his aura.

It is precisely because of this that he has the confidence,

To dig out this mysterious organization one day in the future.

Five Four Seven can also feel that Charlie’s strength is far beyond his perception,

And the energy that even the 20th-generation dead can’t fight can be sealed in front of Charlie effortlessly.

Charlie said that to make the organization completely perish, it is not just mere talking.

So, he thanked him and said, “If Mr. Wade can eradicate the organization,”

“I believe that these dead soldiers will be willing to serve you allegiance!”

Charlie waved his hand: “It’s too early to say this now, wait for me on the day they are eradicated,”

“You will be returned to your freedom, and it will be up to you to decide where to go, whether to stay or not!”

Five Four Seven said gratefully: “Mr. Wade is merciful! The relatives and those who died in the past 200 years,”

“They all will thank you for your kindness and great virtue!”

Although Five Four Seven had just brought people to try to kill his grandfather and grandfather,

Charlie still felt that this person And the other dead men are too pitiful.

Twenty generations of people have been reared and served as slaves with no light for generations.

This fate is much more tragic than the black slaves who were trafficked to Europe and the United States.

If he can return the freedom of these dead soldiers, it can be regarded as a great work.

If these dead men are willing to serve him, that will be the icing on the cake.


Charlie said to Joseph: “Joseph, deal with all the clues,”

“You will hurry up tonight to let people take Five Four Seven out of the United States.”

“We must be cautious and careful, and never leave any clues.”

Joseph said immediately. : “Okay, Mr. Wade, your subordinates will make arrangements immediately!”

Charlie nodded and said, “I am going to Hong Kong in two days.”

“You go to Hong Kong in advance to wait for me.”

“First, let me know the details of Gerard Liu in Hong Kong.”

“When the situation there is clear, and we will meet there when the time comes.”

Joseph didn’t know why Charlie suddenly wants to go to Hong Kong,

But he still said without hesitation:

“After I send him away, I will leave for Hong Kong before dawn.”

Charlie nodded, looked at Five Four Seven again, and said,

“Five Four Seven, you dead warriors should have mastered a lot of specific tactics, right?”

“Otherwise, facing the eight-star warriors this time, you wouldn’t be able to deal so easily.”

Five Four Seven hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, we do have many different tactics in our daily training,”

“Usually special tactics and special equipment.”

“These are all formulated in the organization and taught to us by the instructors.”

Charlie After a sigh, said, “After you arrive in Syria,”

“Try your best to tell the people in Cataclysmic Front of the tactics of the dead soldiers,”

“And let the Front also train them to improve their overall strength!”

“Okay!” Five Four Seven without hesitation Said: “I will give all the tactics next time!”

“Okay.” Charlie took out two blood-scattering pills from his pocket, handed them to Joseph, and said,

“These two pills should be able to help you. Breaking through the bright realm is a great success,”

“You can take it immediately after you get on the plane,”

“I believe that when we meet again in Hong Kong, you will be a master of the dark realm.”