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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4563 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4563 Start

The dead man continued “They specially prepared enhanced weapons for us.”

“They also reminded us what to pay attention to and what tactics we should adopt,”

“And then they leave a certain amount of time for us to familiarize ourselves with the information,”

“Then we will wait for the notification of departure, and when we arrive at the scene,”

“The guide will pass the transfer and inform me of the right time to attack.”

Charlie asked: “What does transfer mean?”

The man said: “The organization does not allow us any form of direct contact with the guides,”

“So the guide will connect the situation to the contact person in the organization,”

“And then the contact person will pass the message to me.”

Charlie asked him: “What method does your contact person use? Send you a message?”

The man replied, “They have left us a communication device,”

“But only my device can hear the voice of the docking person.”

Charlie asked again, “Is your docking person a man or a woman? ?”

The man shook his head: “With a voice changer, I don’t know if it’s a male or a female.”

Charlie said at this time: “So, my third aunt should be the guide you were talking to,”

“She was the one who took the lead. The appropriate attack time was reported to your docking person,”

“And your docking person then instructed you to launch an attack.”

The man nodded: “It should be, I saw the woman who was taken out,”

“And seemed to have committed suicide by taking poison,”

“She, I am sure was the person from the organization.”

Charlie asked him, “Then the order you received was to kill all the people inside, or to keep some people alive?”

The man opened his mouth and said, “The order was not to let us leave anyone alive.”

Charlie frowned: “Wouldn’t that even kill the guide? Did the guide know?”

The man shook his head: “I don’t know her either. Do you know?”

Charlie asked him, “Do you know anything about the guide?”

“I don’t know much.” The man shook his head and said,

“The guide and the dead man are just different identities in the organization.”

“Among them, the dead man’s information is the most occluded,”

“Because we have been under the strict surveillance of the organization,”

“Which is equivalent to prisoners, so there is almost no additional information to understand.”

“We know what the organization tells us to know,”

“And we have no way of knowing what the organization does not let us know.”

Charlie nodded lightly, and asked him again:

“If your task is completed, what will be the follow-up process?”

The man said, “After the task is completed, we will withdraw to the garage,

And then receive drug injections there, and the rest of the organization will take us back.”

Charlie looked at him and asked, “Your subordinates committed suicide by taking poison,”

“How will your organization treat your family?” The man said,

“We this time failed the mission, and the organization will define us as loyal to the Master,”

“So they will not embarrass our family, on the contrary, they will treat our family better.”

Charlie said lightly: “No wonder you and your subordinates were very decisive…

When committing suicide by taking poison.”

“Yes.” The man nodded and said, “For the vast majority of the dead,”

“They basically do not end well, and most of them die tragically,”

“If they die faithfully. , there is no pain, it will be over in a blink of an eye,”

“And will be able to exchange better living conditions for the family.”

“The man thought for a while, then shook his head and said,

“I don’t know either… the death camp we are in has a total of 1,110 households,”

“And 1,900 dead people, the total population, men, women, and children combined, about a few thousand people.”

Charlie asked in surprise: “So, your organization is not only your part of the dead?”

“Yes.” The man nodded and said, “There are dead camps all over the world, but I don’t know how many there are.”

Charlie was more and more shocked, thought for a moment, and asked again:

“You said that you were injected with drugs before you came,”

“And you had already arrived in New York when you woke up,”

“So do you know how long you have been in a coma?”

“I don’t know. The man shook his head and said, “No one is allowed to know the date and time in the camp of the dead.”

“We can’t see the sunrise or sunset, just the lights are on and the lights are off.”

“Moreover, I have quietly calculated. However,”

“Our daily routine in the death camp does not seem to follow 24 hours a day pattern.”

“They seem to deliberately make a little deviation in the time of each day.”