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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4561 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4561 Start

After the man shouted, he realized that he was now a prisoner,

And the whole person suddenly slumped again and stopped talking.

However, seeing Charlie, his eyes were full of awe.

Now Charlie asked coldly, “Who is your so-called hero?”

The man looked up at him, and said in a trance: “I…don’t know…”

“You don’t know?!” Charlie was cold and shouted: “You keep saying that you can die for Master at any time.”

“Now tell me you don’t know who Master is?! Do you think I am a three-year-old child?!”

The man said in fear: “I really don’t I know… From the day I can remember,”

“I know that I wanted to dedicate everything to Master,”

“But I really don’t know who Master is, and I have never seen him…”

Charlie frowned: “That is Who told you to dedicate everything to the Master?!”

The man hurriedly said, “My parents…”

“Parents?!” Charlie asked coldly, “What role do your parents play in this organization?”

The man said: “My father, like me, was also a dead man…”

“He died in a glorious battle thirty years ago… As for my mother…”

“She is the daughter of other dead soldiers, and was given to my father by the Master… …”

“After my father died, she committed suicide by taking poison according to the Master’s orders…”

Charlie was horrified when he heard this!

Sounds like this, the structure of this organization seems to have exceeded his imagination.

So he continued to ask: “Your father was a dead man, and your mother was the daughter of another dead man,”

“Does that mean that all the boys born to the dead men are raised,”

“Into the next generation of dead men since childhood,”

“And a girl born to a soldier will be married to another dead soldier and continue to raise the next generation?”

“Yes…” The man nodded and said: “This is the case with every dead man,”

“Starting from the first generation and has been passed down to the present,”

“If one generation is the dead man, the next generation is the dead man,”

“And the dead man is the dead man. For women, the only choice is to marry a dead man,”

“Have children for the dead man, and reproduce,”

“If she wants to leave the dead man in the future,”

“She will have the opportunity to be promoted only if she makes military exploits…”

Charlie was horrified.

From the perspective of the reproduction of the dead men,

It can be concluded that this is a mysterious organization with a long history,

And the structure of the organization is extremely strict,

Even so strict that it can cultivate the dead men from generation to generation!

Moreover, this person’s father cannot be the first generation of dead men,

Because his mother was the daughter of another dead man,

That is to say, to him, he is at least the third generation of dead men.

What is the concept of three generations? Judging from his age in his thirties,

Each generation has a span of 20 years, and the…

The time span of these three generations exceeds at least 70 years!

Joseph on the side was also shocked.

Even he had never heard of such a terrifying mysterious organization.

At this time, Charlie asked, “What generation of the dead man are you?!”

“I…” The man said in a trance, “I am the tenth generation of a dead man…”

“The tenth generation…” Charlie heard jaw-dropping!

Ten generations of dead men, spanning more than two hundred years…

Joseph on the side couldn’t help but exclaim: “Mr. Wade, if you look at it this way,”

“There is no need to check the faces, DNA, and fingerprints of this group of people today,”

“Because it’s impossible to find out who they are…”

The man also said with a wry smile: “There’s really no need to find out,”

“The dead men are the slaves raised by the organization.”

“They will never intermarry and never escape, so for our people, in this world,”

“There is no record in any national database, not to mention fingerprints, faces, and even DNA has long been locked.”

“After ten generations of reproduction, our DNA is basically no longer with anyone’s outside.”

“If there is any ethnic connection, to put it bluntly, we are slaves that no one knows in this world,”

“No one knows when we live, no one knows when we die…”

For the first time in Charlie’s heart, he felt an indescribable tension.

This tension is not derived from fear, but from a fear of unknown giants.

The mere existence of the dead man has subverted his world views.