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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4560 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4560 Start

It was only at this time that Charlie discovered that…

This person’s physique was indeed different from ordinary people.

None of the eight extraordinary meridians are connected,

But the strength of the body is not inferior to that of the five-star warrior, just like steel and iron bones.

Moreover, even though his limbs have been chopped off, under the existing muscles,

The sense of strength is also very surging, the heartbeat is much stronger than ordinary people,

And every beat is like a high-pressure pump, pumping blood violently to the blood vessels throughout the body.

It’s just that he is losing too much blood right now,

And although the heartbeat is strong, the blood vessels are a little shriveled.

In addition, what surprised Charlie, even more, was that this person looked like steel and iron,

But he was not really steel and iron, but completely relied on the surging power hidden under his flesh and blood.

This power seems to be only temporarily stored in his body to help him strengthen his body,

But it was not tamed by him but was forcibly bound in his body by some force.

Because Charlie found that this force has been trying to attack outwards.

With the continuous impact of this force, the force that binds it is also gradually weakening,

But each time it only weakens a little bit.

In this way, after a few days, this force will indeed break through this bondage,

And at that time, it is estimated that his body will likely be smashed to pieces by this force.

At this time, Charlie finally understood why,

After all, this person is begging him to give him a happy ending, he acted like he was accepting his fate.

It seems that even if he doesn’t give him a good time, he will surely die in a few days.

Charlie smiled slightly at this time, and said, “Don’t worry, you can’t die with me here.”

After that, he used his spiritual energy to directly seal the force that had been pounding outwards in his body.

In terms of the strength of that power, after Charlie’s aura sealed it,

Even if it could keep hitting without any attenuation,

It would not be able to rush out for 10,000 years.

The man’s expression was still very slumped even more than before, but he immediately looked at Charlie in horror,

And blurted out and asked, “You… what have you done to me?”

Charlie sneered, “That kind of power in your body that you can’t suppress,”

“It has now been completely sealed by me. In this way, you can live a hundred years!”

“If you don’t explain it honestly, you may live in hell for decades to come.”

“After speaking, he turned his head to look at Joseph, and said sternly,

“Joseph, if he doesn’t explain honestly, use all the means you can think of.”

“If he doesn’t explain honestly these days, take him to Syria,”

“Build a special cellar to keep him in it, strip him nak3d, and throw him in an iron cage,”

“Then power up the iron cage, and inject him with enough drugs to make him feel 24/7,”

“What is it like to have an electric shock magnified a hundred times!”

When the man heard Charlie’s words, he suddenly trembled violently in horror.

Seeing that Charlie’s expression was extremely cold,

He knew that what this man said just now had absolutely no moisture.

If he really refuses to cooperate, he is afraid that he will experience eighteen layers of hell-like pain for the rest of his life…

He is not afraid of death. Those brothers with him are not afraid of death.

He is also not afraid of torture.

After all, he has been severely trained for so many years,

And he has an extraordinary ability to endure all kinds of torture.

However, he was afraid of endless, unending torture.

Thinking of this, he said emotionally: “I speak! I’ll say everything!”

“As long as you promise to give me a happy ending after I finish speaking, I will definitely say everything!”

Charlie said coldly: “You can’t negotiate conditions with me.”

“If you want me to give you a good time, just answer my question!”

The man nodded terrified and said, “You ask, if I know, I will answer!”

Charlie asked coldly, “What are you guys? Organization?”

“Organization…” The man hesitated for a moment, then said,

“I don’t know what organization we are… I only know that people like us are called dead men in the organization.”

Charlie asked: “What is a dead man?!”

Hearing Charlie’s question, the man opened his eyes wide and shouted hoarsely like a conditioned reflex:

“Those who live for the sake of death, and are willing to die generously for the Master at any time, we are the dead men!”