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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4558 Free Novel

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Joseph continued: “Even the Martial arts masters are not too much to give up, because their meridians are not open,”

“So they rely on the strength of their flesh and bones to improve their combat effectiveness.”

After speaking, Joseph added: “I suspect that they should have other methods.”

“The quality has been greatly improved, after all, with this intensity of continuous shooting,”

“The three-star fighters are strong enough to be stable,”

“They can quickly play the entire clip without changing their face,”

“And their strength is at least above the four-star masters.”

Charlie couldn’t help frowning, and said coldly: “These people are well-armed and well-trained,”

“And they were methodical and well-prepared for martial arts masters.”

“Even if they were not martial arts masters, they must have known martial arts masters very well,”

“And know martial arts masters. Where are the shortcomings, and then formulate targeted tactics.”

“Yes!” Joseph said seriously: “No matter what organization they are in,”

“Their method of greatly improving the physical fitness of ordinary people is really terrifying.”

“Although there are tens of thousands of mercenaries under us,”

“There are only a few hundred who can really practice martial arts.”

“The height of warriors, and these people can use unknown methods to raise ordinary people to this level,”

“If they could cover a large number of people, their strength must not be underestimated!”

Charlie subconsciously frowned, He opened his mouth and said,

“I’ve never heard of this kind of method for ordinary people…”

With that, he asked him, “Have you heard of it?”

“Mr. Wade, none of your subordinates has this”.

As he spoke Joseph continued: “I know that there are some Martial Arts people outside,”

“Who have joined some mercenary groups, but this is the first time I have encountered this.”

“There are no direct clues yet. They collected faces, fingerprints, and DNA,”

“And then they would find a way to compare them in databases around the world.”

“Start with the identities of these people.”

“As long as the identities of the members are confirmed, they can dig out more clues. “

Okay!” Charlie nodded and warned: “These people may be very dangerous,”

“And the real strength of the organization behind them may be above the Cataclysmic Front.”

“You must pay attention to the identities of these people when you investigate. It’s not the time to face the enemy.”

Joseph said solemnly, “Okay, Mr. Wade, your subordinates understand.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Go to Long Island, I want to see that guy.”

Twenty minutes later.

The black Cadillac drove into the manor on Long Island, New York.

When Charlie stepped into the basement, he saw the leader of today’s group of attackers,

Who was being fixed on a chair at this time? He was extremely sluggish and was dying.

His amputated limbs were wrapped in bandages, and his mouth was full of blood.

Above the severed arm, someone had put an infusion needle on him,”

“And a packet of medicinal liquid was hanging above it,

Which was being continuously delivered to the body.

Joseph said to Charlie, “Mr. Wade, this guy has been resisting very strongly.”

“I gave him a tranquilizer. Now he should have passed out.”

Charlie nodded, stepped forward, and stretched out his hand. Tap lightly on the other person’s head.

Immediately afterward, they saw the man’s body trembling slightly, and then he slowly raised his head.

The man opened his eyes and saw Charlie in front of him with a panicked expression blurted out, “It’s you…”

Charlie sneered: “What? Are you surprised to see me?”

The man thought with a single move, Charlie could cut off his legs and those of his more than 20 subordinates.

He blurted out in horror and asked, “You… Who are you!”