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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4555 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4555 Start

With that, Elaine reached out and selected a lottery ticket from inside and took it out.

The store manager hurriedly put the raffle box back, and then said to her:

“Madam, you can scratch it off and take a look!”

Elaine nodded, reached out, and used her nails to scratch away the coating of the prize redemption area.

When she saw the two words of first prize in front of her eyes, she was overjoyed and shouted,

“Oh my God, it’s really the first prize! Hahaha!”

“It’s the first prize! My goodness! My luck is too good! I’m not dreaming, am I?”

Seeing the two words of the first prize, Elaine’s heart still surged up.

Horiyah behind her heard what she said, and hurriedly came forward, putting her head down to look hard.

This look does not matter, the words “First Prize” are clearly printed in the prize redemption area.

At this moment, Horiyah’s heart can’t help but die.

“I really can’t understand, Elaine this b!tch, why will have such a good luck.”

“The moment she reaches out and draws the ticket, it is the first prize, is this still a fcuking human being?”

“Seeing this stinky b!tch Elaine win a 1.2 million, it’s really worse than losing a million and two myself!”

Elaine was so happy by now that she hurriedly asked the store manager, “What is the prize for the first prize?”

The shopkeeper said, “You go on scratching the prize, it’s written below, but you have to scratch it to find out.”

Elaine chanted, “It better be a million and two gold bars, I’ll sell it!”

After saying that, and can not help but mutter: “Or a one million two hundred thousand car is okay, new car resale discount rate is still quite high ……”

She chanted while scratching the back of the scratching area.

With a line of words scraped out, she eyed the line of words, the whole person was dumbfounded.

Her mouth popped out word by word: “Congratulations …… you …… won …… bay …… stream ……G …… six …… five …… zero …… private …… jet…Plane

Seeing this, her eyes widened and she blurted out, “OMG! It says I won a private jet! Private plane ah!”

“My goodness, I haven’t even driven this Rolls Royce yet, but I am given a private jet ……”

The store manager said awkwardly, “Madam, you have to scratch further, there should be another line underneath ……”

“There is?” Elaine frowned and continued to scratch down.

Her mouth continued to chant, “Enjoy …… the privilege …… package …… Go …… to the …… The United States …… tour …… one …… time?!”

Speaking of which, Elaine subconsciously read it coherently: “Congratulations on getting a Gulfstream G650 private jet,”

“Privileged charter to the United States once …… What does this mean?”

The store manager started to explain, “Wow! Congratulations, lady, you can fly to the United States once for free on a Gulfstream G650 private jet!”

“What the h3ll is this …… This is a bullsh!t prize ……” Elaine wanted to cry and blurted out,

“Besides, what kind of plane is this? The first time I fly to the United States, it cost 1.2 million? How much can I pay for a ticket?”

The store manager said, “Madam, you must know that business jets are always very expensive,”

“Not to mention that the Gulfstream G650 is one of the best business jets on the market today.

Elaine threw the winning ticket in front of him and hurriedly said,

“I don’t want to go to the United States, why don’t you give me a discount,”

“I don’t want more, just give me a discount of one million.”

The store manager said seriously, “Madam, this matter is not up to me.”

With that, he turned the winning ticket over and pointed to the note on the back, saying,

“Look, it’s already written here that all prizes are non-cashable and non-transferable.”

Elaine was sweating and said, “But why am I going to America?”

“And a 1.2 million charter flights! What a waste to sit alone on such a big plane!”

The store manager said, “Ma’am, this is a free benefit anyway, so if you don’t want it, just give it up.”

As he said, he remembered something, and said: “Oh yes, I will take the phone to record a video for you,”

“You just have to personally say to the camera, you are giving up this right to redeem the prize, and you are handing it over.”

Then he reminded again, “And ah lady, your cashback amount when our finance can pay, I will tell you.”

This statement from the store manager undoubtedly reminded her of something very important.

He made her realize that she was out of money!