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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4554 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4554 Start

Saying that Elaine continued “Let’s go back to Tomson and order from outside, two ramen, eat and then come to the lottery.”

Horiyah said, “There is no need to go back, I know a Ramen restaurant near here.”

“And it has a good taste, one person can get it for 15 yuan,”

“Why don’t we go there to deal with hunger!

Elaine said, “You want me to drive a Rolls Royce to eat Ramen? I can’t afford to lose my personality!”

Horiyah said helplessly: “Then, it’s better to go back to Tomson ……”

Then, the two drove back to Tomson One, Elaine ordered a meal,

She can’t wait to put on the new necklace, and bring a small dressing mirror,

And keep taking pictures of herself sitting in the dining room, eating a bowl of Ramen.

After eating, she has been thinking about the lottery.

She didn’t expect to win any 1.2 million grand prize,

As long as she could slightly win something, it was all for nothing to her.


After eating, she and Horiyah returned to Harbour City again.

At this time, the store manager of the jewelry store had already received the raffle tickets that Warina had sent over.

This batch of raffle tickets were made by the printing house overtime this morning, and they still had a strong smell of ink.

When Elaine walked into the store with Horiyah, the salesgirl from the morning rushed to welcome her and said with a smile,

“Madam, you are here! Please come to our store manager’s office!”

Saying that she deliberately lowered her voice and said to Elaine,

“Madam, our lucky draw today is limited to high-end customers like you,”

“Ordinary customers in the store are not entitled to it,”

“So let’s keep a low profile and not let them know.”

Elaine understood. She just liked the feeling of being different.

So, she immediately winked at Horiyah, and the two of them followed the sales to the store manager’s office at the back.

The store manager had been waiting here for a long time, and when he saw Elaine come in,

He hurriedly said with a smile: “Hello, madam! I am the manager of this store, you can call me Zhang!”

Elaine nodded and asked curiously, “Manager Zhang, you let me come here to draw a prize, what kind of prize is it?”

The store manager smiled, “Madam, let me tell you, this time, we only target high-end VIP customers,”

“The prizes are worth a minimum of 100,000 and a maximum of 1.2 million, and the winning rate is very high.”

“Huh!” Elaine immediately came to life and said, “The lowest prize is worth 100,000? You guys are too generous!”

“Yes.” The store manager smiled and said, “This is our group’s activity, mainly to give back to the majority of VIP customers.”

Elaine asked, “Can you reveal what the prizes are? Especially the first prize is worth 1.2 million, what exactly is it?”

The store manager laughed: “The first prize is our mystery prize, only you can scratch the ticket to know what it is.”

He said, somewhat apologetically: “By the way, lady, I have to apologize for one thing, our headquarters sent a notice today,”

“Recently because of the financial audit activity, the payment will be slightly slower,”

“For your cashback, you may need to wait for about 20 days or so.”

“What?!” When Elaine heard this, her eyes suddenly went black.

Two thousand yuan to let her hold on for a week, she gritted her teeth but can still hold on.

Moreover, she just filled a tank of fuel for her Rolls-Royce yesterday with the highest standard gasoline.

It costs 1,000 yuan to fill it up, if she has to rely on 2000 yuan, she will have to eat chaff dishes.

The store manager said casually at this time: “But I believe that for a top-class like you,”

“This money should not be a worry, and I heard my employee say that you have already redeemed part of the financial seat pocket money, right?”

Elaine at this time is dumb for having to bear the problem this time,

So there is a bitterness that she can’t express, so can only helplessly nod and say, “Ah yes …… yes ……”

The store manager nodded and hurriedly moved a lottery box from under his desk and said to her,

“Madam, you’d better draw the lottery first!”

Elaine sighed and rubbed her hands together and said,

“Come on, let’s try to draw the first prize to see what’s good enough to be worth one million two hundred thousand!”