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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4551 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4551 Start

Elaine’s heart can’t help but mutter: “Danm, forty-eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand …..”

“Charlie gave me the money, I have recently spent a lot,”

“The card seems to have no more than three hundred thousand ah ……”

Thinking of this, her heart burst with a sense of loss.

After some words from this sales girl made Elaine hopelessly in love with this necklace,

She now has only one idea: buy it! “But, there is not enough money ……”

The sales girl seemed to see Elaine’s dilemma, her brain turned and spoke:

“Madam, you are so lucky today, today is our store’s store celebration,”

“This necklace is on sale now, buy now you can directly subtract the change, only 400,000!”

Elaine had not yet reacted, Horiyah on the side had already exploded.

She blurted out: “I remember your brand never gives a discount,”

“How can it be cheaper by 80,000 at once!”

The sales girl said with a smile: “Madam, you are right,”

“Our store is never on discount, today is the only exception and only today!”

Elaine was also moved.

The brand that never discounted directly drops the price by 80,000, this is a big bargain!

As the saying goes, if you have a bargain, don’t forget to take advantage of the son of a b!tch.

If you don’t buy this necklace, you’ll wake up at night with a sense of loss.

So, she quietly opened her phone and glanced at the account balance in the bank app, the account says 362,000 left.

Charlie and Claire left these days, she not only spent 80,000 yuan in the beauty salon super VIP membership card,

But also took Horiyah to eat several meals, and bought a few new clothes, the money was spent really fast.

Now even if she takes out all the money, she is still short of 38,000,

Not to mention, the money she can not spend it all, she has to live by herself for the next half of the month!

If the money is all spent now, in the future days will she have to eat dirt?

By then, in the Rolls-Royce, she can not even afford to fill up the gasoline,

Can not really sell the four wheels, right? She was in a dilemma all of a sudden.

The sales girl, who was an expert, saw that her expression was a bit torn,

So she asked very politely and tentatively, “Madam, is it not convenient for you to pay?”

After saying that, she was afraid that Elaine was not happy,

And also hurriedly gave a supplementary sentence:

“I know many successful people like you, in the bank card they do not put too much cash,”

“Many successful people like you, usually put the money in the financial management,”

“Only leave a small part of the funds for a daily flow.”

Once Elaine heard this, she was relieved, isn’t this the best step?

So she hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, yes! I usually put the money in the financial management,”

“The bank card balance is just some pocket money,”

“To be honest, my pocket money is not really enough around 400,000.”

The sales girl nodded and said seriously, “Like the wealth management you purchased,”

“Even with the fastest redemption time, I guess it will take tomorrow to reach the account, right?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Elaine sighed and said with a grumbling face,

“I’m telling you, these banks are especially unbelievable, when you buy their product,”

“They deduct your money in a second, and when you redeem your money from the account first,”

“They usually take the 2nd day to arrive, and if there are holidays and weekends,”

“You have to wait until they finish their holidays.”

In fact, Elaine even did not buy a penny of wealth management products.

But the earliest time, she took control of the family’s financial power, did buy some wealth management products.

At first, she also bought it in the bank, but then with too low-interest rates,

She ran to buy PtoP, and finally the platform burst mine, and Charlie help to get the money back.

The sales girl saw Elaine borrowing the slope, so she smiled and asked,

“Madam, how much pocket money do you have in your balance now?”

Elaine pretended to pick up the phone and said with a smile,

“Let me take a look, I don’t know exactly how much money there is.”

While speaking she open the bank app, and helplessly said to the sales girl:

“Ah, really unfortunate, out of my pocket money it is only 362,000 left ……”

The sales girl nodded and said seriously: “It does not matter lady,”

“We have a hidden activity today, while there are no other customers in the store,”

“I will only tell you the details of this activity.”