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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4549 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4549 Start

The sales girl’s sentence, the ceiling in the list of the noblewoman, immediately took the vanity of Elaine to the roof.

She felt that the words of this sales girl were like chemical energy,

Through a certain chemical reaction with her eardrums, it produced a lot of dopamine,

Rushing up with the blood straight into the skull.

Simply put, it is too on the head.

This feeling is like a young man who has just learned to smoke,

Grabbed the village master’s dry tobacco bag and took a big puff.

Not only did it hit her head, even made her a little dizzy.

She was so happy that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut,

Looking at this sales girl, the more she looked, the more she liked.

Horiyah is indeed quite patronizing, obviously when it comes to praising her sister-in-law,

With the twist of her words, she can turn her mood in her own favor.

But really compared to this sales girl in front of her, Horiyah is at best a juvenile.

So, Elaine asked the sales girl with joy: “Hey, girl,”

“What kind of necklace do you think I should wear for this temperament?”

The sales girl said without thinking:

“I think this temperament of yours, deserves the treasure in a store like ours!”

After that, she hurriedly said: “Madam, you wait a moment,”

“I will go to the back to find our boss to open the safe, there is the treasure of the store to show you!”

As soon as the words left her mouth,

The sales girl hurriedly got up and went to the back of the office area.

In the office area, the boss is seeing it all through the store monitoring,

He has the real-time observation of the sales girl and Elaine’s conversation,

Seeing the sales girl coming in, then hurriedly said:

“Smart girl, how easily you can push the store treasures to her ……”

The sales girl said with a surprised face: “Boss, is this not what you instructed?”

Let me try as much as possible to fool that woman to spend more money?”

“Then simply one step in place, I found a way to make her buy our store treasures.”

The boss waved his hand: “Oh, the treasure of the store is more than 7 million,”

“How can she afford to buy it? As far as I know, the amount of money she has it is at most 500,000,”

“You just find a way to sell her our set of emerald goddess dreams and that’s it.”

The sales girl was shocked and said, “Boss ……!”

“Your intelligence work is too good, you even know how much money she has?”

The boss said seriously: “I am also helping others, it must be confidential!”

“Anyway, you just have to find a way to make her spend 500,000 in our store,”

“I will immediately put 100,000 yuan into your card!”

“If she really does not have enough money, you must think of all the ways to make her spend all the money,”

“Even if you lower the sale price or directly fool her, it does not matter,”

“You are free to play, I will bear the burden if something happens!”

“Okay!” The sales girl nodded, waved her hand, and said, “Leave it to me, boss.”

The boss said: “Okay after she finishes buying,”

“Tell her that she can also come over after lunch to participate in the lottery,”

“The first prize is worth 1.2 million! The prize is all set for her,”

“But the raffle tickets are still being expedited and can be delivered at 1 pm,”

“So when she comes to the raffle this afternoon, she will be able to draw the first prize.”

The sales girl asked dumbfounded: “Boss, what is the origin of this woman? So much blood money ……”

The Boss said: “The blood money is not mine, there is the big man down,”

“You just cooperate well, after that reap the benefits of your success!”

The sales girl nodded understandingly and said to the boss:

“Okay boss, I understand now! But I still have to trouble you,”

“To take the treasure of the store to me first, or I go out badly.”

The boss did not say much, immediately took from the safe a set of beautiful diamond necklaces out,

Handed it to her and said, “You must take care of it.”

The sales girl nodded and smiled, and walked out with her hands holding the treasure of the store.

When Elaine saw the huge diamond necklace in her hand,

She was surprised and could not help but feel a bit vain.