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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4546 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4546 Start

So she was happy to spend time with her every day.

For Elaine, only when Horiyan is fawning over her,

She can really feel that she, Elaine, is really different from the past.

So, when she heard Horiyan’s voice on the other end of the phone, she grunted and said,

“I haven’t slept well yet, what time is it?”

Horiyan said: “It’s almost eleven o’clock! You said yesterday that you want to go shopping in the mall today, right?”

“I’m all set here, right in front of your house! Are we still going today?”

Only then did Elaine come back to her senses and blurted out,\

“Oh, no! I forgot about that! I was going to buy a necklace at the harbor city,”

“Recently, I always feel like there is something missing on my neck!”

Horiyan said with a smile: “You are always driving Cullinan and carrying Hermes,”

“But you only need a more elegant necklace! What brand do you want to see?”

Elaine said casually: “What! Bulgari, Tiffany, Cartier, any of it,”

“I am not picky, as long as it is a first-line brand.”

Horiyan immediately praised: “Oh Sister you have an eye, with your temperament,”

“It is necessary to match the first-line brands, a mundane like me can not compare with you sister,”

“A few thousand worth of chain for people like me is more than enough.”

Speaking of this, she sighed and said, “I’d say you’re lucky to live in a mansion,”

“Drive a luxury car, wear top luxury goods, a proper winner in life, unlike me,”

“After I fell on hard times, jewelry and bags are all gone, now I can’t afford to buy a first-line brand,”

“Even a chain …… I’ll ask my daughter for some money later, to buy a silver chain at the stall ……”

Elaine thought: “This Horiyan really has the self-awareness to know that she is only worthy of a local brand,”

“While I can afford Bulgari …… tsk, this level how can we two be compared.”

So she said, “We’ll go to Seaport City later, and after I pick out a necklace,”

“We’ll go to the market, and I’ll give you a necklace!”

“Huh!” Horiyan asked excitedly, “Sister, you’re not deliberately making fun of me, right?”

“Are you really going to give me a necklace?”

Elaine said seriously: “I never brag about what I said, I’ll spend for you 10,000 yuan, take your pick!”

Horiyan said happily, “Yes! Sister is more open-minded than me!”

“When are you going to get up? I’ll walk you around the City!”

Elaine rolled out of bed and said, “Wait for me, I’ll go wash up and clean up!”

Half an hour later, the electric gate of the villa slowly opened and Elaine drove the Rolls Royce Cullinan out from inside.

Horiyan looked at the Rolls-Royce’s imposing front and the way Elaine drove in the car,

Her heart was sour and angry, and she couldn’t help but mutter:

“Elaine’s little frustration, still have the nerve to drive the Cullinan,”

“She sat inside and drove, people from the outside can only see her skyline…”

At this time, Elaine parked the car in front of her, peeked out, and greeted her, “Hey, hurry up and get in.”

“Yes!” Horiyan immediately put the sour taste in her heart to the back of her mind,

Got into the car, smiled with a flattering face, and said,

“Sister, this car really matches your temperament, it’s so dominant!”

“Once you sit in it, good lord, it’s a perfect match!”

Elaine raised an eyebrow and smiled, said proudly:

“That’s right! When Jacob comes back I will tell him that this car will be for me to drive from now on,”

“So he can buy another one for himself!”

After saying that, she drove the car and made it out of the Tomson One.

When Elaine drove out, a man in a black SUV at the entrance of Tomson One,

Picked up his cell phone and made a phone call.

Once the call came through, he said respectfully, “Madam, the target drove out.”