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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4545 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4545 Start

Originally, Charlie was planning to let Hogan continue to live peacefully in Chinatown first,

And then he would take the time to go to Hong Kong in the future to settle his affairs.

However, since that Gerard was so restless and took the initiative to make something happen,

He had to go to Hong Kong to meet him first.

Hong Kong and the United States are very far away, the ordinary plane at least takes ten hours each way,

Plus the processing of things also needs time, so Charlie estimated that,

At least he would have to stay three to five days or more away from the United States.

And he is most concerned about Claire.

Although he has long arranged the female soldiers of the Front to secretly protect her,

But let her stay in the United States alone to study and live, his heart is still inevitably worried.

And right now, Jacob is still in Korea engaged in cultural exchange activities,

The only one who can really come to the United States to accompany his wife for a few days is mother-in-law Elaine.

However, if he tells Claire directly that he is going to Hong Kong,

And then he needs to invite his mother-in-law over to accompany her, Charlie feels more or less rigid.

But if he goes to discuss with Claire, then she may not like to toss his mother-in-law over,

Then there are only two options, one is to persuade himself not to go to Hong Kong;

The other is to reassure himself, go to Hong Kong, and think she has no problem alone.

Moreover, he estimates that Elaine now also does not want to come to the United States.

She is alone in Aurous Hill, with luxury cars and mansions,

And hundreds of thousands of pocket money, life must be very good,

If he asks her to come to the United States, he is afraid that she will not be happy.

So, he began to calculate in his heart, can first find a reason to get his mother-in-law to come over,

And then take the opportunity to tell Claire that he has a client in Hong Kong,

Just Elaine is here came, he can go to Hong Kong for a few days, let the two stay here for a while.

As for how to get Elaine over from China, Charlie was not worried at all,

He knew her too well, he only needed to make a slight game, and he could trap her in.

So, he immediately called Warnia and said, “Warnia, I need your help on something.”

Warnia said without thinking, “Master Wade, whatever you want, just give me an order.”

Charlie was not polite, so he told her about his plan.

After listening to it, Warnia immediately said, “Master Wade don’t worry, I will definitely complete the task.”



On the other side of the world, in China, it was morning.

Elaine was lying on the luxurious king-size bed in the villa and slept until after ten o’clock.

Ever since Charlie and Claire went to the United States and Jacob went to Korea, she had just let herself go.

She lived in a big mansion, drove a Rolls Royce Cullinan,

And had 500,000 pocket money from Charlie on her bank card, so her day was simply too good.

At this time, she had not yet woken up, the phone was buzzing non-stop.

She sleepily picked up the phone, picked it up to her mouth, and asked:

“Who is it, what is it? Why are you calling early in the morning?”

On the other end of the phone, Horiyan’s flattering voice came over:

“Sister, it’s me, Horiyan! It’s already this time, you’re still not up?”

Since Horiyan came back, she has been treating Elaine as a family,

And recently she has been looking for her every day, not only k!ssing Elaine’s a55,

But also following her around like a little kitten, carrying her bag when she goes out,

Opening the door when she gets into the car, even when Elaine goes to the toilet,

She takes an extra copy of toilet paper and guards at the door,

Afraid that there is not enough paper for Elaine inside.

In the past, when she was in the Willson family, she was always bullied by Horiyan,

And she had a lot of grudges against her, but now Horiyan came over to her like a dog,

Which instantly magnified her vanity, and gave her a feeling of pleasure to turn over a new leaf,