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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4544 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4544 Start

Sara said: “But didn’t you say that your third aunt had a shielding device on her?”

“Put her with shielding equipment, then she has no way to contact the attackers herself right ……”

Charlie could not help but laugh lightly: “How do you have a tendency to think like that?”

“I speculate that she has been waiting for the right time when the time came,”

“She first sent the message to notify the attackers, and then immediately open the shielding device,”

“After all, the attackers only used less than a minute to reach the corridor,”

“Such a short shielding time, focus on watching the performance of the An family,”

“The An family people who were watching the show might not even notice.”

Sara suddenly realized this and spoke: “Then it seems that they just want to kill the entire An family all at once,”

“In that case, your third aunt’s task would be completed, so she could follow them together and evaporate……”

“Right.” Charlie sighed: “I really didn’t expect that with the An family being so powerful today,”

“There are still people who want their lives all the time,”

“This organization’s strength, I’m afraid, is much more powerful than I thought.”

Sara asked, “Then what should we do? If we don’t find out,”

“I’m afraid your grandparents’ family will always be in danger, right?”

Charlie said, “This should not be so, the reason why they were caught,”

“By the other side, today was indeed too much of negligent,”

“I believe that with their strength and insight, they should not have left such opportunities for the other side,”

“Otherwise the other side would not have allowed my third aunt to hide in the An family for such a long time,”

“The next An family just needs to be alert, the other side should find it difficult to find another opportunity.”

“That’s good.” Sara breathed a sigh of relief and asked,

“Right Charlie, the matter of Uncle Chen, what are you going to do about it?”

Charlie then said, “I just thought about it, since we want to solve this matter,”

“Then we should simply solve it from the source,”

“Isn’t it true that Uncle Chen will not be deported back to Hong Kong until a few days later,”

“Then I will go to Hong Kong in advance to meet that Gerard Liu,”

“Before Uncle Chen arrives at Hong Kong, set things right there for him so that he can go back openly.”

Sara was busy asking, “Then when do you plan to go to Hong Kong?”

Charlie pushed the time and then said, “I promised your sister-in-law that I would accompany her to see your 2nd concert,”

“The day after tomorrow, and after your 2nd concert is over, I will depart for Hong Kong.”

Sara’s heart is somewhat sour, pouting her lips, she muttered:

“You show love to your wife all the time, even in this critical time you are thinking more about her,”

“My next performance is the day after tomorrow, you will watch and then leave,”

“For Hong Kong, that is at least three days, in case something goes wrong in the middle what to do ……”

Charlie explained: “I am not to show love, I can always go to Hong Kong,”

“But I can not directly throw your sister-in-law here,”

“Not to mention that I also have to find a suitable reason and opportunity,”

“And the situation of the surnamed Liu I do not know very well,”

“So I need a little time to do homework, set a good to this old boy.”

Said, Charlie said: “To be honest, if you just want to keep Uncle Chen safe,”

“It couldn’t be simpler, Liu in my eyes is not a solid egg,”

“I can have the Front send dozens of experts to Hong Kong tonight,”

“Directly kill him, then, Uncle Chen will naturally be safe.”

Speaking here, Charlie added: “Only this way of handling, too unskilled,”

“For Uncle Chen, will certainly also make him fall into self-condemnation for the rest of his life,”

“So this matter can not come hard, have to let the surnamed Liu himself convinced.”

“As for the safety of Uncle Chen in the next few days, you do not have to worry,”

“Although Liu’s strength is in Hong Kong, but in New York, it is not ranked high,”

“I will ask Miss Fei to help covertly protect Uncle Chen’s safety,”

“By the way, the time to delay of these few days,”

“I will first get my mother-in-law to the United States to accompany your sister-in-law,”

“And then go to Hong Kong to help Uncle Chen to set all these things right!”

“After I’ve settled everything, then let Miss Fei’s side loose a little,”

“Then Uncle Chen will be sent back, and everything will be fine!”