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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4543 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4543 Start

Because Charlie is fair and objective, although Uncle Chen is the underdog in this matter,

But in this matter is also really the fault of Uncle Chen.

That Gerard for his dignity, and reputation, want to retaliate against Uncle Chen and it is all human nature.

However, the point that Charlie is most dissatisfied with Gerard, is this person’s insubordination.

According to the dictation of Uncle Chen in the roast goose store at that time,

In the earliest incident, Uncle Chen had first called his father for help.

And Charlie’s father, also immediately flew to Hong Kong, and with Gerard reached an agreement,

So that he looked at his face, let Uncle Chen leave.

But not long after that, with the father and grandfather conflict,

Mr. Wade took Charlie and his mother to settle in Aurous Hill,

After that, the parents were killed.

The first thing that Liu did after learning of his father’s death was to go back on his word.

He completely disregarded the previous agreement with his father,

And almost immediately sent a large number of people around the world to hunt down Uncle Chen.

The reason why he gave up temporarily was that Philip took over for his father.

And fortunately, Philip was seriously ill, and Sara found Charlie.

Otherwise, in case Philip died of illness, the surname Liu would certainly also renege after knowing.

In that case, Uncle Chen would have been killed by the assassins who coveted the bounty.

Moreover, the one surnamed Liu was now ready to use a curved way to get around his promise to Philip,

Which made Charlie despise his character even more.

Not being moral and not respecting promises, this is the reason for Charlie’s greatest dissatisfaction.

Therefore, he immediately sent a text message back to Sara,

And the content was also very concise, with only seven words: “Don’t worry, I have everything under control.”

On the other hand, after Sara saw Charlie’s reply to the text message, her heart was satisfied.

She simply handed her phone to Jordan’s face, pointing to Charlie’s message,

Said with a proud face: “Look, I told you, Charlie will not sit idly!”

“You just relax and wait, he will definitely be able to solve this matter perfectly,”

“Maybe when this matter is over, Uncle Chen will not have to hide in the east again in his life!”

Jordan was surprised and delighted, and at the same time asked with a hint of confusion,

“Miss Gu, is Young Master Wade really that capable?”

“I have followed the news of that Gerard on the Internet, he is a very powerful person,”

“He used to be one of the largest real estate developers in Hong Kong,”

“And later became a shipping tycoon in Hong Kong, after the Hong Kong Li family went to England to develop,”

“He is almost the richest tycoon in Hong Kong …… Strength goes through the sky ……”

“It doesn’t matter,” Sara said very firmly:

“In your eyes, he has heavenly strength, in the eyes of Charlie, he is a sgum!”

On the other side.

After Charlie and Claire returned to the room, while Claire was preparing to put the water in the bath,

Charlie walked up to the terrace alone and called Sara back.

As soon as the phone call came through, he asked, “Sara, is Jordan still at your place?”

Sara said: “I just had someone send him back, by the way,”

“Charlie, what happened tonight? Tasha said that many people died, even that Inspector Li got killed?”

Charlie hmmmd, and explained the whole known situation.

After listening, Sara exclaimed, “My goodness, how could there be such cruel people ……”

Saying that she blamed herself quite a bit and said,

“Charlie, do you think it could be that there is a mole in my team?”

“Otherwise how could the gang work so well together?”

“Surprisingly, they attacked at the time when the background music was at its strongest,”

“They must have had figured out the flow of the concert in advance ……”

“It may not be.” Charlie faintly said:

“At present, the only identified mole is my third aunt,”

“But she is dead, I guess the attackers simply do not know your concert flow,”

“Also do not know when the background music was the strongest,”

“They could grasp the timing so accurately, must still be because”

“My third aunt from the inside tipped off, she should feel The timing was right, and then notified the gang of attackers.”