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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4542 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4542 Start

Sara immediately said to Jordan again: “Jordan, you do not rush,”

“And do not panic, there are still a few days, I will find a way to solve this matter!”

Jordan said nervously, “Miss Gu, the cop who took Uncle Chen is quite nice,”

“But I’m afraid that Liu has paid off the higher-level cops here,”

“In case they do special things, what if they send Uncle Chen back tonight?”

Sara seriously said, “Solving illegal detention is a judicial process,”

“There are clear legal provisions, it is impossible to be arrested today and sent away tonight,”

“If the police dare to do something against this process,”

“I will definitely protest to the New York City government, you can rest assured.”

With that, she turned to Tasha and said,

“Tasha, ask our lawyer from the American side to go to the New York Police Department,”

“Say that we have accepted the commission from Uncle Chen to handle this matter for him,”

“The lawyer has the right to see the client, and also has the right to ask them,”

“To announce the law enforcement process, they will definitely not dare,”

“To act in a disorderly manner when they see the lawyer involved.”

Tasha hurriedly said, “I’ll call the lawyer right now!”

“Okay.” Sara followed up by saying to Jordan,

“Jordan, you have to trust Charlie, with his ability,”

“That Liu definitely won’t dare to do anything to Uncle Chen.”

Jordan did not know Charlie well, so he was worried and said,

“I don’t have Young Master Wade’s contact information ……”

“And I don’t know if he will be willing to intervene ……”

“Definitely will.” Sara smiled faintly and said comfortingly,

“I believe that in this world, there is no matter that Charlie can’t handle!”

Saying that she took out her cell phone and tapped while saying,

“I will send a message to Charlie about this matter right now, I believe he must have a solution!”

The Shangri-La Hotel, where Charlie and Claire were staying, wasn’t too far from the performance venue.

At this time, he had already driven the car to the entrance of the hotel and handed it over to the parking boy.

After walking into the elevator with Claire, he received a message from Sara,

The message was short and concise and read,

“Charlie, Uncle Chen has been arrested and will be deported back to Hong Kong soon!”

When he saw this line, the first thing Charlie thought of was that he and Sara had harmed him.

He thought: “Chinatown is a relatively small, closed society,”

“Where there are a large number of illegal stays and illegal smuggling of black items,”

“And the police generally do not ask about things here,”

“Uncle Chen hiding in Chinatown for so many years without incident, now suddenly gets arrested,”

“Must be because he and Sara attracted the attention of Duncan,”

“Which led to the exposure of Uncle Chen’s identity.”

“And that Gerard in Hong Kong has always regarded Uncle Chen as the shame of his life,”

“Once he learned of the current situation of Uncle Chen,”

“He will definitely find a way to make the U.S. side deport his prey back.”

“Although he had an agreement with that Liu before,”

“As long as he does not return to Hong Kong, he will no longer make things difficult for Uncle Chen,”

“But he is now using this method to force Uncle Chen to have to go back,”

“As long as Uncle Chen’s feet touch on the ground in Hong Kong, that Liu surnamed will find someone to kill him,”

“It will not be a violation of his initial promise to Uncle Gu,”

“And then Uncle Gu will not have any reason to go after him ……”

Thinking of this, Charlie could not help but sneer: “This Liu, really played a good game!”

About this man from Hong Kong Gerard Liu, Charlie does not have a half-good impression.

This is not because of what he did to Uncle Chen,