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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4534 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4534 Start

A few moments later.

At the exit of the VIP area of the venue, dozens of cars drove out from here one after another.

These cars included the Fei family’s convoy and the An family’s convoy,

In which the An family took eight cars and quickly drove away from the scene to the Anbang Mansion.


New York Chinatown.

Several police cars drove quickly into Chinatown and stopped in front of Hogan’s roast goose restaurant.

More than ten New York police officers got down from the cars and walked into the restaurant.

At the head of the group was Duncan’s subordinate known as Stefan Wu.

At this time, there were still many customers eating at the restaurant.

As soon as Stefan entered, he startled the diners.

At this time, he pressed one hand on the pistol at his waist, pointed at his badge with one hand, and said to the crowd,

“Excuse me, gentlemen, the police are handling a case, please sit where you are and do not move.”

Seeing so many police officers come to the door, the boy Jordan was too nervous to speak,

And a roast goose in his hand was about to be put on the customer’s table,

But his hand unconsciously shook and the meal fell to the ground.

Then, he suddenly turned around like crazy and shouted in the direction of the back kitchen:

“Uncle Chen! Cops are coming! Run! Run!”

When Stefan heard this, he immediately pressed him to the ground and warned in a cold voice:

“Kid, I know everything about you and Hogan, if you don’t want to be repatriated back,”

“Stay honestly on the side and don’t say anything, otherwise, I can’t help you!”

While struggling, Jordan shouted, “Send me back! I want to go back with Uncle Chen!”

Stefan said sternly, “You are really insensitive, I want to let you go for the sake of your age, don’t be like that!”

Hogan came out of the back kitchen, and without taking off his apron, he hurriedly said,

“Officer, officer! I am Hogan, I will fully cooperate with you and your law enforcement,”

“But Jordan is still young, he doesn’t know what’s going on, so don’t take it personally!”

Stefan saw Hogan come out, his tone and attitude eased a lot,

He let go of Jordan and warned in a low voice: “Little boy, this time you are lucky to meet me,”

“If it was those ghosts who came, you would be finished!”

“In the future, you honestly stay in Chinatown, I will not give you a hard time,”

“But you have to know in your heart, everything you must learn to endure,”

“Back then there were many compatriots like you smuggled to the United States,”

“Now mixed into the people, which is not the first to endure?”

Jordan also knew that this police officer is not malicious, can not help but tear up like rain, and asked:

“What are you going to do to Uncle Chen? He can’t go back to Hong Kong,”

“If he goes back, he will be killed ……”

Stefan sighed and was about to say something when Hogan said with a bemused smile,

“Jordan, you should not worry about the sky,”

“Hong Kong is also a society under the rule of law, not as chaotic as you think.”

After that, he looked at Stefan and said, “I knew you guys would come,”

“The luggage is already packed, can you let me go get it?”

Stefan beckoned to another colleague beside him, saying, “You go in with him!”

The other party immediately agreed: “Okay!”

Soon after, Hogan pulled out his shabby little suitcase and walked up accompanied by the policeman.

He looked at Jordan and smiled faintly, “Jordan! You’ve grown up, you’re not a weak boy anymore,”

“You have to learn to be on your own! Remember what I told you,”

“Run this store well, don’t ruin my 20 years of hard work, got it?”

The strong boy started shedding tears, while nodding repeatedly and choking said, “I know Uncle Chen ……”

Hogan nodded in satisfaction, and looked at the shocked crowd of diners, arching his hand and saying,

“Many of you are my old customers, after tonight, I can not cook roast goose rice for you,”

“But Jordan he has followed me for more than ten years, the craft he has learned very well,”

“I hope you can support his business more in the future!”

The diners all knew that Hogan was illegally stranded in the U.S.

Although they didn’t know his past, it was clear that since the police had approached him, he would definitely be deported back.

So, everyone spoke up to reassure him and said they would take care of Jordan’s business more often.

Hogan said thank you to the people, and then looked at Jordan and instructed,

“Jordan, I’ll go, this meal is on me tonight, you must remember to give all free bills!”