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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4533 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4533 Start

Marshal and Marcus took the lead and led the An family members out of the box.

Charlie listened to the fading footsteps, relieved at the same time,

His heart also seemed to be a little disappointed.

He felt that it might not be a bad thing to identify with his grandparents’ family.

For the two old people, it is also a psychological comfort.

However, once he thought of the death of his parents and having no clues about it,

And the thought that the enemy may be far more powerful than he imagined,

Charlie is a little glad that he has been persistent.

After all, only when in the dark can be low-key development.

Otherwise, in case of prematurely drawing out the behemoth that is hidden in the darkest of places,

It is likely to invite a big disaster for those around him.

With the four elevator doors closed, in the entire VIP area,

It is now only Charlie is left, as well as Claire who was leaning on his shoulder sleeping.

So, he quietly withdrew a trace of aura that was left in her brain,

And immediately after that, he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

It was only then that Claire woke up quietly.

And her first thought, when she woke up, she said in her mind, “I …… where am I?”

Immediately after, when she saw Sara singing and dancing on the stage,

Through the floor-to-ceiling window, she was struck by lightning before she exclaimed,

“Ah? The concert has already started? I …… how did I fall asleep at such an important time ……”

After saying that, she could not help but look at Charlie beside her,

Found him also tilted his head and sleeping, and quickly shook his shoulders and said,

“Husband …… husband, quickly wake up!”

Charlie pretended sleepy like and opened his eyes, then with a confused face asked her:

“Wife what’s wrong …… I was dreaming ……”

Claire pointed to the concert stage, and said with a chagrined face:

“Look, the concert has already started, why are we both asleep ……”

Charlie pretended to be surprised and said, “Oops I fell asleep …… it really started ……”

“I do not know how to fall asleep ah, could it be that we were too tired?”

Claire with an aggrieved bar said: “I do not know …… but I do not seem to feel tired,”

“And the opening video just played, I was watching, do not know how! Suddenly I have no impression …… “

Charlie said casually: “Oops, this situation is not very abnormal?”

“Sometimes sleep ups your energy, sleepover just needs a blink of an eye,”

“You are doing other things one second, with the next, blinked you directly go into dreamland.”

Saying that he continued with a serious face: “You see a lot of fatigue causes driving accidents,”

“They are thinking that they can certainly hold up and will not fall asleep,”

“They drive so hard, the result, a moment of sleep over,”

“They do not know anything, and then wake up, the car has turned over into the ditch.”

Claire with red eyes said: “But I just really not felt sleepy at all……”

After saying that, she also no longer dwell on this issue, beaming depressed said:

“Oh, I do not want to care how I just fell asleep,”

“The main thing is that I do not know how long the concert has been going on,”

“So good an opening clip was missed, the opening performance all missed, I am really depressed … … …”

Charlie laughed: “Oh, it’s okay, today we did not see the beginning of the concert,”

“We can wait for the next one to make up for it!”

“The theme of this tour is the same, the opening of each concert and the order of the songs will not be different,”

“But the next concert before the opening you should rest well and do not fall asleep again.”

Saying that, he added: “If you think you can’t make up for it by watching one,”

“Then let’s watch two more! This will do it, right?”

Although Claire still felt regretful in her heart, when Charlie said so, she could only nod and said helplessly:

“Even if I watch two more, I will definitely watch all the next ones without missing a second!”

Seeing that she has accepted the reality, Charlie also felt slightly relieved,

Then looked at the time and laughed:

“Okay, okay, the concert is only about thirty to forty percent over, from now on enjoy it!”

“Mmm!” Claire heavily nodded her head, hands on her chin, concentrating on Sara’s performance.