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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4530 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4530 Start

As he spoke, Charlie continued, “You tell them for me, the money they take first,”

“But if we don’t give them the truth within three years, they can always tell the world about it!”

“Okay!” Tasha agreed without thinking and said,

“Mr. Wade don’t worry, I will definitely talk to all the victims’ families!”

“Good.” Charlie nodded, looked at Stella and Karl, and said to a few people,

“I’ll leave the rest to you all, I’ll go back to my box first.”

After saying that, he arched his hand to the two of them and turned around to walk back.

When he returned to the box, outside the floor-to-ceiling window,

Sara’s performance was still going on, and on the sofa beside him, Claire was also sound asleep.

Charlie did not rush to wake her up, but gently helped her up and let her lean on his shoulder,

Then sat motionless on the sofa, watching Sara on the stage while using his aura to sense the situation in the next room.

At this time, the An family’s emotions had reached a low point.

Every one of them was very sad and frustrated.

The most devastated was Charlie’s third uncle, Martel.

He couldn’t understand how his wife, who was married to him, could become a member of the assailants.

His worldview on affection and love had mostly collapsed at this moment.

His daughter, on the other hand, was still immersed in the emotions of her mother’s death,

And could not extricate herself from the situation.

It was good that her maternal aunt, Tece, took her in her arms and kept comforting her.

Marcus, who was most like the old man, was clenching his fists and trembling violently.

After a long silence, he opened his mouth and said to the crowd,

“I just thought carefully, tonight should be the first time in these ten or twenty years,”

“Our whole family gathered so completely outside the An family, except for a few, almost everyone else is here ……”

The old man nodded gently and sighed,

“Even when we came, we took two planes, just in case something happened to the whole family together,”

“This time it was really too careless ……”

The old lady said while weeping and blaming herself,

“It’s all my fault …… I was the one who suggested to come to support Sara, after all, she is kind to our An family ……”

Marshal said: “Mom, how can we blame you! The fact is that Sara really did a great favor to our family,”

“We came to support her it is also a common sense,”

“But we have lived too comfortably over the years, risk awareness has become increasingly thin,”

“This time since we were lucky to escape a disaster, then in the future we learn from the pain,”

“The safety work will be taken to the highest level,”

“I believe that in the future there will not be a similar situation.”

The old man took the old lady’s hand and said seriously,

“Marshal is right, you are not to blame for this matter,”

“I and your three sons are to blame for not thinking these things through.”

Marcus spoke up at this time, “Dad, mom, big brother, you didn’t understand the point I just made ……”

Everyone couldn’t help but look at Marcus.

Marcus continued, “We are indeed paralyzed and careless this time,”

“But this is only one of the points, more importantly,”

“Our family has been paralyzed only this time in the past ten or twenty years,”

“Before the other side caught the opportunity, what does this prove?”

“This proves that the other side did not happen to meet our negligence,”

“On the contrary, it proves that the other side has probably been thinking,”

“Of how to put us to death in one step for the past ten or twenty years!”

When all the An family members heard these words, their expressions were all aghast.

They all knew what Marcus’s words meant.

At this time, Marcus said: “I say a word, Martel, do not bring personal emotions after listening,”

“I think, Amelia, married to our family, this itself is a conspiracy!”

“And it is a conspiracy against the entire An family, extremely long-planned,”

“Extremely deep hidden, extremely heavy murderous conspiracy, a great conspiracy!”

Speaking of this, Marcus gave a slight beating and said with a cold expression,

“I have a feeling that maybe, this matter is somehow related to what happened to my sister back then!”